Monday, June 10, 2013

Picture My Weekend

Thus far this post has been a pain in the ass. I wanted to share my latest Iphone photo dump so I emailed pics to myself then saved them to my computer.
 First of all every picture had to be rotated and re-saved so that they would be right side up. Ok. No biggie.

Then when I went to upload them on Blogger they all uploaded upside down again. So what did I have to do to fix the problem? Go into each picture individually, rotate it all the way around and re-save. Then it uploaded like a charm. (WTF?!)

Next internet explorer shut down 3 times on me...SEND ERROR REPORT! 

As if that wasn't enough Blogger is also apparently deciding what order my pics should go in. Every time I try to align the one I want first in the center, the one I have second jumps up to the top of the page. So I finally said screw it - the pics are gonna be in the order they're in now and that's,that!

Whew sorry for the rant there! I'm having kind of a crazy day. Woke up at 7:15 to be at work at 8 ... and its a 40 minute drive. When I opened my eyes and saw that clock I just about pooped my pants. I literally jumped up, threw on the first thing I could find, brushed my mouth, kissed the Rockstar's forehead and I was GONE! I clocked in at 8:02 ...that aint bad.

I look like Shit but I'm not fired so life is good.

My over-sleeping is clearly a result of my kick-ass weekend. So kick ass it started on Wednesday....kind of.

Wednesday night is or weekly acoustic open mic night. It was also our  friend Dickie's birthday. I don't have any pics from that night so suffice to say it was epic! A lot of our great musician friends came out and jammed with us then we all went back to The Rockstar's to jam some more. It was a great night with great people.

Thursday was work then my oldest nephew Devin's high school graduation. Sorry for the blurry pic but I took a picture of the screen on my mom's camera (my mom is great at taking pictures but terrible about uploading, sharing, or making prints- case in point the pics she took when she got the camera for Christmas 2012 - are still on there!)

Devin and his little Auntie
That kid is rad - let me tell you! He's incredibly musical, can play pretty much any instrument he picks up, so smart, super sweet, friendly all around a kick ass kid. He's going into the music ministry and is leaving Ohio for Greenville University in Illinois this fall. So proud of him.     Can't believe I'm about to show you this but its too good to pass up. This was in the book my sis and bro-in-law had made for him as a present:

Auntie Am and Dev circa 1995

OMG. Look at that chunky, awkward, brunette chick! That, and several other questionable photos surfaced at graduation and the graduation party. Thank God I've only improved with age.

Another blurry pic of a pic with my other sister (not the one whose son graduated...she has 2 years yet before hers does). We unknowingly matched ..because great minds think alike and while picking out our outfit we both decided to wear his high school colors!

Me and my sister Diana
In case anyone wonders where I got my face.


I am the spitting image of my mother. Never really thought I looked like her until a couple years ago- now there aint no denying it. Overall graduation was a bore but still so proud to watch him walk across that stage and also to watch him be that know the one that thrusts his diploma up over his head as he makes his way across and everyone laughs because the exhuberence is adorable. Yeah he was that kid.

Friday night was the big rock show that our band opened for. We had been looking forward to this show for awhile so we were really excited that it was finally upon us.

<--->We were the only acoustic act and I was the only chick in any of the bands. Which I love. We're just so different than most of the other bands in the area. We do our own cover arrangements of popular and well-known songs everything from Otis Redding and The Beatles to Pink and Halestorm. Not to toot my own horn but Friday night ... we killed it!

I don't have any performance pics although I know they're out there.

Bar bathroom selfie. I'm vain like that.

Our bands name is "Double Tap" this sign was hanging at the bar where we played. We see Double Tap t-shirts that say just that coming in the very near future. We also want to have shirts made that say "Get Tapped" and "Tap it".

After we played it was an all-out party! We have a group of friends who have affectionally named themselves "The Scumbags" after a song from Hellbound Glory. The Scumbags came out and were in full effect.

The first step in Scumbagging it is loving the PBR some may even wear their PBR...

PB Armor on our friend Billy

More scumbags..she didn't mean to but Amy actually poured beer on me she didn't know any was left

We ended up staying with friends near the bar and jamming and eating homemade breakfast burritos at 4am- it was an awesome time.

Saturday afternoon was my nephew's graduation party. No pics. Great food. Saturday night we went to a benefit for a girl my age who was killed after getting hit by a train as the DD a week or so ago. So sad. The benefit had an excellent turn out, so excellent that after making an appearance, having a couple drinks we decided we couldn't handle the crowd and the heat (no ac on that night) and called it a night. We were asleep on the couch within a half hour of leaving.

Sunday AM was back to work for me and sleeping in for The Rockstar. When I got off at 2pm I returned home to a message that simply said "come to Juniors". Which meant one thing. Day drinking. It also meant I got a "free pedicure" which means that after a couple drinks Junior decided he wanted to paint my toe It wasn't pretty.

I painted his nails too lol. This is the life of a chick who hangs out with rockers.

It was a rad weekend.

I do feel as though this post needs a disclaimer though.
While it may seem as though I party a lot I want to point out that for the most part it is a part of my job. I get paid to perform and making appearances at other music and venue events is an important part of promoting and gaining support for Double Tap. While I won't discuss numbers here I need to say that in the next two weeks with 4 shows I will make more than my paycheck at my day job. This isn't something I do just for fun, we are serious about growing musically and continuing to book at restaurants, bars, and now moving into private events, weddings, etc.
Do I have grand illusions of fame and fortune? No.
But while the ball is rolling, I'm rolling with it.

That being said..Have a great week! Its my Friday!

Tuesday: Hair appt. and pool (I cancelled last week)
Wednesday: 6pm-9:00 pm show at restaurant 9:30-12:30 Weekly acoustic jam
Thursday: 8:30-5:00 Work
Friday: 8:30-4:30 Work
Saturday: Restaurant Show 7pm-11pm
Sunday: 8-3:30 Work

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