Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Picture Updates

Right now my life is pretty much a blur of working the day job 4 days a week, trying to find a new (full time) job everyday of the week and being a "Rockstar" all the times in between. Our band had 13 gigs during the month of May. Thats a stinking lot! And it was awesome, exhausting but awesome. And you know, seeing how as I get paid to do this - the extra cash sure isn't hurting my feelings any! 

I know how boring word-y posts can be so I thought I would scan through the i-phone for some photos of my last couple weeks to catch you up on the latest goings on.

As you may recall from this post I was jonesing to have my nose re-pierced - well finally bit the bullet. The Rockstar was having some ink done on his arms and text me to tell me piercings were half of that day so I met him at the shop (he has standing appointments every couple of weeks - he's working on half sleeves) and had my piercing re-done.

I know its kind of hard to see but its the best pic I've got for now

For 5 years now I have had a small blue dot from where cheap nose studs discolored it - the piercing covers this now (thank God!). Now I know you may be asking,
"Well how are you going to get a job now?"
They come out.
Then they go back in.
Fairly Simple.

And a tiny stud is so much prettier than a blue/gray dot.

A couple Saturdays ago The Rockstar and I journied north to Dayton to see Wednesday 13. Other than a few songs he had played me I had never even heard of Wednesday 13. I was in for a treat.

First of all I wore glitter hot shorts to a Horror Metal concert....

Originally from Charlotte Russe I got them for 7 smackers at a resale shop and LOVE them!
I'm a music lover so I won't pigeon hole myself into any one genre of music but I would never have imagined that a band with songs that feature lyrics such as; "Lifes a grave now dig it baby" and
"I've been thinking lately and fuck you, and I've been drinking baby so fuck you" or
"You've got blood and we want it, you've got blood and we need it, you've got blood and we'll drink it, I'm a blood sucker motherfucker" ...
But I loved it. They put on such an amazing show and it was a very intimate space so the Rockstar, who brought 900 CD booklets for the band to sign - was geeked that he got to meet and get the autographs of every single member of the band.
And for being the awesome designated driver and all out best chick in sparkle shorts at the rock show...
I got to meet the guys too ...

Lead Guitar Player Roman Surman and Wednesday 13 himself

Not my favorite pic of myself - by this point it was well after 2am and being the DD I was beginning to get sleepy and still had a long drive back ahead of me.
Can not reiterate enough how incredibly nice these guys were! They signed every single one of the 900 autographable items that The Rockstar brought with him and chatted with us like we were old friends the entire time. I even got a friendly warning about how sweaty and gross they were when I got in close for this pic. All around awesome dudes - all of them.  This is a friendly reminder to all not to judge a book!

Memorial Day Weekend was a blur of shows and awesome friends.
Friday night we had a 4 hr gig - about 2 hrs in on a break we got a call to do a last minute 2 hr show the next day at a local farmer's market- we agreed. So we finished our show Fri. night hopped over to another friend's show and closed down the night with them then crashed at a friends place. Only to wake bright and early to shower, grab breakfast, and head to our next show. All went well and the organizer loved us and promised more bookings. We spent the afternoon running errands before a short nap and then off to a party with friends. Cornhole, beer, and beer pong - very much like college lol.
Spent the night there but had to rise and shine early because guess who had to work Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend.... this girl.

After work Sunday it was several hours of R&R followed by another party with another set of friends. This time is was playing music and hot tubbing - and some major people watching - but that's not a story for the bloggernets. Stayed with friends again and off to work again in the AM.

Monday after work was a cook-out at my cousin Karina's house. Oddly enough The Rockstar knew my cousin and her sister before he ever knew me so its funny now when we're invited to events. This particular cook-out was incredibly chill. Several friends that have bands were there so there was a lot of jamming. Since we're the accoustic act we took residence on the patio and played for the neighborhood ... and maybe had a bit of a sing-a-long.

Double Tap on the patio - dig it!
We stayed into the late evening and busted out the sparklers with my cousin's daughter

I think this pic is magical

Once again we stayed near by and drove home in the AM.We had breakfast and then I spent all day Tuesday moving things into storage from my sister's house. That's another story for another life time btw.

Wednesday The Rockstar and I went for an 8mile kayak trip then got ready for our weekly show at our local bar.
(Tuesday and Wednesday are my Saturday, Sunday btw- but I am also off Sat)

Here "we" are posing with our band name on the sign....
(The Rockstar has been cropped out since I don't have his permission)

Started working on my tan whilst aboard the kayak!
Also don't like how broad waisted this dress and pose make me look ...will not be critical, will not be critical
It was back to work Thursday/ Friday with some fun things splashed in .
Friday night was dedicated to rum and cokes and an evening in practicing new songs and getting ready for a big opening act we have this coming Friday.

I wish I could show you this whole pic because its priceless but this is when I was teaching my guitar player how to breathe from his diaphragm. Here he has his hand on my chest and tummy so he could feel where the breath is actually coming from ... it looks way more risque than it actually was. The Rockstar's oldest daughter thought this was funny so she snapped a photo and messaged it. He always throws up metal horns in pics, since his hands were busy I did it for him!

I am the least metal chick you will ever meet FYI
Saturday was LAZY and Sunday was work and another evening show!

In a nutshell that's been the last week or two. I know no one really reads this anymore but for those who do this is what life has been looking like. This week is stacking up to be pretty big too:

Monday Night: Hanging out with our friend J Gray (remember Mon. is my Fri)
Tuesday: Hair Appointment
Wednesday: Hanging by the pool AM, Weekly gig at Scotty's 9:30-12:30
Thursday: Work AM and Nephew's High School Graduation PM
Friday: Work AM and Lying in Ruins opening gig PM
Saturday: Nephew's grad party AM and Benefit at Scotty's PM 

Have a Great Week!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like a jam packed weekend!

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I THOUGHT I spied a nose stud in your recent facebook photos!

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Love your blog! x