Monday, August 15, 2011

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It really has been the oddest couple of weeks of my life..... as you can probably tell from my last, vague post I have been far from being myself.

BUT... before I go any further let me tell you all that while I would love to share my ENTIRE story with you - my bloggy friends and to seek your advice- I simply can not. Real life gets in the way of that- you just never know who may be reading your blog, who may be out there to judge you and what the consequences of their judgement may be. I know that this is very vague as well - but don't worry - I am OK. I am doing a lot of soul searching right now- seeking advice from those closest to me - and praying that I am led in the right direction. Sometimes we are faced with things that we never expected or asked for and its up to us to move forward and to take on the experiences. 

OH and before the real worrying sets in....

Yes. We are still together.
(Picture From A Night Out With Friends)

Ok. All that aside..during my weeks of ...whatever you want to call it.... I also celebrated a birthday.
Birthday #27 and while it may always be synonymous with some troublesome weeks in my heart - it was also a time in which I felt loved and celebrated by my friends and family.

My camera met its true death while kayaking a few weeks ago so please bare with the cell phone snap shots!

My birthday is August 8th so a week ago Friday (the 6th) my mom and sisters took me to dinner at Bonefish Grill after work.

Mom and I getting ready in her bathroom
(yes she's putting on makeup and I'm having a cocktail ... did I mention I may also have been drinking too much these past few weeks? When in Rome I say)

Emotionally, I was in an odd place that night but they did the very best they could to cheer me up.

Pink Gerber Daisies and a Brownie Sundae 

Posing with my flowers

I got my first two pieces in my new "Vera" pattern- the agenda and the lunch date (not pictured)
Ben also added the bowler (also not pictured).
I ended the night by going to the bar where my friend Sam djs and spending my time talking to locals and drinking chardonnay.

The next day was just what the Dr. ordered. I had a massage at 10:00 and a hair appt. at noon, then I shopped with my mom before coming home to get ready for my birthday dinner with friends.

Ignore the smug, mentally challenged face I am making in this picture ( not to mention my un-made bed)

I'm pretty happy to report that on that Friday I came in at my lowest weight ever- having lost almost 4 lbs in one week - mostly becuase I had no appetite but if you're going to be sad- you might as well reap some rewards amirite?

Ben and my friend Sam- who I mentioned briefly above took me to a mexican restaurant for dinner where I was humiliated with whipped cream by the wait staff- but it was all in good fun so I didn't really mind.

This is a pic of Sam and I from back in July

She's a girl I've known since high school but never really got to "know" we've gotten pretty close in the past couple of months and I'm really enjoying having her around.

She actually made me a birthday cake and brought it to dinner....

I thought it was pretty awesome of her and the cake was delicious! She also took me to breakfast ON my birthday and brought me balloons - for a new friend she really took a lot of effort to make me feel special and I really needed it so it was much appreciated!

Will, Emily, and her boyfriend Stephen met us and then we went to a bar that we frequent where we were met with a couple more friends and Sam's husband Mike.

 I sported the birthday bitch ribbon proudly

 Ben and I at the bar

 It was a fun night followed by a good next couple of days off

My mother in law bought me a cute apron - among other things...

And then Monday on my ACTUAL birthday I gifted myself the best thing ever......

Meet Olive.

 And please ignore the way I look at 11 PM in this picture.

Olive is a baby pug who is so sweet and smart and loving - just what the Dr. ordered for me right now

 I am in love. Adjusting to life with puppy has been a challenge but I'm loving it!

Life is just a challenge in general right now - but maybe eventually I'll look back and say I loved it all too...

I really am fine friends -
but some times I'm more fine than others.

If I can ever share more- I swear I will - but for now I'm eager to read your latest posts and see what's happening in your worlds!

Much Love Always!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

No matter what's going on, I'm really hoping your ok!

Elle said...

It's been far too long, but I wanted to say I hope things are well for you. Also, you look AMAZING, miss!