Monday, October 4, 2010


This weekend Mr. and Mrs. Smith played it pretty low- key.

Friday night we couldn't agree on a thing. So we eventually browsed around @ Target then ate bread sticks from little Caesars for dinner whilst watching last week's Boardwalk Empire. Then we went to bed
 like the old people we are becoming.

Saturday I went to the park to get in a few miles before starting my day, only to discover the run for the nuns was taking place and starting exactly at the time I pulled in. I decided I didn't want to feel bad about my slow pace amidst all the seasoned runners so instead I visited the local thrift store for 50% everything day hoping I would find some awesome things to refurbish and use in our new office. No dice on that. However, I did find a never used duvet cover set to match our decor and was pretty stoked by that! I also found the perfect picture frame for a series of our engagement pictures I want to frame, some of my favorite old books (that I used to own and actually donated to Goodwill years ago- meaning I probably bought my own books back...oh well) and a pretty cute skirt you'll see in a pic near the end.

After thrifting I came home to shower and get ready for lunch at Olive Garden for my mom's sister Connie who is in town from Virginia.

 Bennyboo and I at Olive Garden

We got to meet my cousin Jesse's new baby girl Brooklyn for the first time at lunch
 Me and the sweet girl

 Ben was really nervous she was going to cry but she giggled and flirted like any girl would

My nephew Devin holding Brooklyn - for a 15 year old boy - he's awesome with babies

 Me and my "little" nephew who still towers over his litle auntie  who is wearing 3 inch heels in this pic

My silly mother brought my cousin Zack a caterpillar in a zip lock baggy - brought a caterpillar to the Olive Garden....sheesh

My mom and her sisters: Connie (top left) and Becky (front)

After lunch we came home and lazed around in a food coma watching movies. I refused to be an "old person" two nights in a row so at 8:30 I dragged Ben out to the little hole in the wall bar in our town to have one or two drinks - which turned into 4 or 5 when Emily showed up. Then we went to a different bar and had a few more....whatev'.
 Me in my thrift store skirt - I loved it! This pic is not the best but the only that shows my outfit. You girls whose husbands play your papparazzi every week ... how do you get them to take your picture- every time I had Ben the camera he rolls his eyes holds the camera up and snaps without hardly looking at me - he's just not having it.

 Me and Emily trying not to freeze on the patio

 And closer

Sunday was as Sunday always is in the autumn. Wake up shake off the night before's wine and get ready for some football! 

Bengals lost. It was sad but its early in the season - I still have faith!

Then it was blogging, cleaning, and grocering

Next weekend is Jen's bday in Rushville and then the following Thursday I'm headed to Louisiana for Rachel's wedding. I'm driving down and taking my mom as my date - should be VERY interesting.

Happy Monday all - have a good and quick week!!!

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like you had a great weekend!! The Olive Garden is great, I love their fett alfredo.