Sunday, October 10, 2010

The One Where Ben Didn't Come Home....

This week my husband graduated from BIT training for his new job. For 8 weeks he has gotten up at 5:30 to drive to Dayton and spend 10 hr days sitting in training class.

He made friends and even though it was hard work - he had a good time. As you may remember from a post couple of weeks ago Ben even invited some of his work friends down and we had a night out with them that was a ton of fun.

Well Friday marked the end of his training and the end of seeing his new friends daily (they work for a different branch regularly). Friday night all the guys were going out to celebrate - all except my husband who unfortunately had to start his new work schedule immediately which means he had to work Saturday. Kind of bummed him out- so he made plans to meet up with his friends Saturday night. I asked if I was supposed to come- usually he wants me to - but I really got the feeling he wanted it to be just the guys so I bowed out.

Saturday he gets home from work chats with me a bit then goes up to get ready - He puts on the shirt that I love on him, shaves, get all good smelling - kisses me goodbye and tells me he'll be home by 1:30 he's not going to drink much so he should be fine to drive.

At 11:30 he tells me he arrived ok but got a little lost (the drive to where his friends are is about an hour long) before finding the place. I think nothing of any of it watch another chick flick and head up to bed. Its about 1:15 at this point so I send him a text asking if he'll be home soon.

No response.

Oh well. I figure he's driving home with the radio too loud and can't hear me. I put my phone on the nightstand roll over and fall asleep.

Fast forward to about 4 am when I wake up and realize he's still not home. I call four or five times. Text several times. No answer.

I check our joint bank account and can see they've gone to several bars and he's withdrawn cash so he probably also visited a strip club (the best one around is in the area they were in). Not that I really care about him going to any of these places- I'm cool with that - what's starting to get under my skin is that its almost 4:30 and I haven't heard so much as boo from my husband since 11:30.

So I call him again. This time the phone answers on the third ring but he must not have realized he answered because its just him talking and some other male voices.

He says something about his phone - he says something about being smashed. I start screaming his name into the phone hoping he'll hear me - but he never does and I eventually hang up. Call back. He forwards me to voice mail.

Couple of texts, few more calls. Never an answer.

It now after 6am and no husband. This is the first time in our almost 7 years together that he has EVER done anything like this and I am so.......... hurt.

Yeah, I'm mad as hell, worried beyond belief, frustrated like wow ... but mostly I'm hurt.

Do I think he's being unfaithful? No. I think he went up there decided he didn't want to cut himself off and went balls to the walls. From the point when he "answered" the phone I honestly prayed that he wouldn't drive home - but to not even call me to tell me he's ok and what he's been up to?

That's dirty.

I try not to air specific dirty laundry about my husband but while I'm home, waiting for him barely able to keep my stomach from jumping out through my throat I just couldn't help myself.

Besides, if this is the worst thing that I do to him after tonight - he should count his blessings.

Married life is awesome.


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Oh girl i feel for you! I would be totally p.i.s.s.e.d!!! not because he was out, but because I was WORRIED. You just have to pick up the phone and call, geez. well, after he gets home and sobers up you should make him your slave for a few days so you can 'recover' from the stress :) Good luck!!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oh no... I hate that feeling. Hate. it. I'm so sorry... I hope he makes it up to you good... A simple text from him would have been so ... easy.
I don't understand a man's sometime. No, all the time. I don't understand.
Hang in there girl and I hope you gave him hell!

skinnybitching said...

that is the WORST feeling!! my husband has pulled that shit a few times... never not comiing home, but rolling in around 4 when he said he'd be home early. i feel your pain... and make sure he knows how you feel!!!