Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Wedding Day Rachel!

Dear Rachel (AKA Shawdee),

We met our junior year in high school when I transferred to Talawacky. I know it seemed unlikely that we would make life-long friends in the mere months we had left in school together- but life long friends is exactly what we are.

We've had a ton of fun together: from upside down margaritas and cookie dough fiascos to shopping trips that stretch on for hours. 

Our friendship has lasted while living never closer than 1.5 away and now spans 100s of miles and numerous states- but last it does! 

I will always remember that one particular summer when we had "More Fun" and got into some of our craziest debacles ever - looking for Harold's, skinning Tiffy's, and ruining fantasies just to name a few!

We were "cute" back in those days Shawdee...

Goofing off in 2004

Christmas Time 2003

Your  Pink Hair Days
"Blondes Having More Fun" circa 2004

But Really...We're only IMPROVING with age!
"Blondes Having More Fun Grown Up Edition" 2010
3 months ago you stood next to me on my wedding day....

Bridal shower April 2010

Wedding Day June 2010

And today I get the honor of standing up for you on your big day! 

I am so excited for you and Brett and all the "adventures" you are embarking on! 

Love Always,

Amber Lane

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hope you have a fun day in the wedding!