Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

A Picture of my Friends:

From Left: Emily, Jessica, Diana, Megan, Moi, (Makayla), Jennifer-Marie, Rachel, Denise

These are my best friends and two of them are my sisters. We've already talked about Denise and Diana so let's skip them this round
One of just the girlfriends and me

Though my best friends all know each other - none of them really are good friends independently of me. Megan and Jen may chat from time to time or make plans. Emily and Jessica may also. Otherwise its with me or nothing. I like that I have best friends from different places in my life: Reiterates that each of them make up a part of who I am today.

So of course I have to say a little bit about each of them:


Emily is my P.I.C. She is my go-to girl these days when it comes to nights out on the town, shopping, or advice. We met in college and at first didn't really care much about the other- but that changed one semester and the summer that followed when we really got to know each other and how much in common we actually have. We both love a good glass of wine, hip-hop music at the bars, travel, delicious food, and we have many TV nights together over True Blood, Dexter, and Bengals football. She and I have similar views on life, love, and all the above. 


Jessica and I also met in college and really became close through the Children's Theater group I was telling you about yesterday. She's crazy smart and creative and always up for something fun. We love to sing karaoke together or hit up a bar. She's not afraid to be unique and individual - which has her convinced that's the reason she's still single. I just don't think she's found a guy who can hang with her complete awesomeness at this juncture. Jess lives in sunny California- living the dream and paving her way as a theatrical costume designer. Looking forward to planning a visit soon!


Megan is my oldest, nearest, and dearest friend. We met in second grade and have been friends ever since. We've certainly had our ups and downs though.
For instance you may remember if you've been reading for a long time, that Ben and Megan dated in high school and when Ben and I decided to step out of friendship and into romance and I told Megan- it did not go so well....

We got through it though and even though we thought that we would never make it back to being as strong as we were before- we did, in fact I think we're stronger now- we've grown up - and grown as individuals- before we were always so much like we were virtually interchangeable. I mean consult the picture..hello matching outfits! Megan is expecting her first baby in March- can't wait to meet him or her and be the best Auntie I can be!

Jennifer Marie:

First name Jennifer, middle name Marie- went by Jen when she and I met and then Marie later so I still call her Jen. Jen and I met in middle school and became great friends. We had one wild and crazy summer when we were 16 and working at the local water park. Most fun/trouble I've ever had. Jen and I have also had ups and downs but I guess that's the thing about long friendships/ friendships you create when you are young and still changing. Jen's an awesome drinking buddy and she'll dance the night away with you for sure. She lives about an hour and a half away so I don't see her as often as I would like but once or twice a month usually. She has two kids a boy and a girl- both were in my wedding.


You read Rachel and my story a week or so ago. We met in high school when I changed schools for the remainder of my junior year and my senior year. Never would have guessed then that I could make a life-long friend that fast- but I did! We are favorite shopping partners- good for our closets,vanities, jewelery boxes - bad for our wallets! Rachel recently got married too as you know- so she's busy being a newlywed right now. You also know that she lives in Baton Rouge and that I LOVE to visit. I'll be back again soon Rachel... WATCH OUT!!! 

Of course there are other girls and gals who mean the world to me: Julie, Will, Ashley, Kristen, Rae-Leigh, Jackie....and many others but these 5 are my heart and deserve a special post just to them! 

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane

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