Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Fashion: Inspiration Meets Desire

We don't talk about it too terrible much here together but I have to tell you - I really love fashion.

Especially in the fall when the textures and colors get so much richer and luxe , and well you can actually put more clothes on - depending on what part of the world you're in anyway - Southern Ohio hit 96 degrees today (oof - the Boo and I are sleeping downstairs until a cold front rolls through - we've already stopped using our upstairs ac and only are running the downstairs).

Anyhow I digress. I thought for a change that I would share with you my own personal style and inspirations and the items that I am planning to add to my wardrobe for fall 2010 -
Especially dire this year since my closet is on empty thanks to my 53 lb weight loss ( I lost 3 lbs THIS WEEK!) since last I visited my cooler weather wardrobe. 

What is Miss Amber Lane's style you may ask?

Well when considering it- I came up with this:

If you were to take a pin-up girl.....


(Modern Day)

Classic fashion icons such as Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy.....


Toss in a little bit of spunk and unpredictability such as SJP...

(Love that she doesn't take herself too seriously)
And finally stir in a gal who themes her every outfit to the event....

(Say what you want Bridget is a girl after my own heart!)

You will find me....

 (USO dance @ Work: July )

 (On my way to work: July)

(New Orleans: September)

I'm certainly not a walking fashion plate but I definitely try to always be put together, dressed appropriately for the event, and to never take myself too seriously.

That being said here is what I'm loving for this season:

Pencil Skirts:

 Faux leather adds a little edge to this staple


I would pair that bold skirt with a classic black turtleneck ala Marilyn

Love, love, love the back detail!

Textured Tights:

Love the first and second- this may be a one season only look- but I'll bite! This will help take my shorter skirts into fall!


Love the structure, collar, and waist cinching belt

I already have this wrap- planning to pair it with a fun cloche hat like so....

Comfy Cozies:

Flyaway cardigans are so cozy

I like to lounge around in big soft sweaters/tshirts with no pants and colorful knee highs

Mixing My Sweet With Some Street:

Never thought I would like this look but I tried on a "shrunken" leather jacket and LOVED IT!

Also never really loved scarves but loving the look and eager to try it out!

Saw this Michael Kors bag at Dillards... It was love at first site!

Love the booties...Prada, unfortunately is a little too rich for my blood but I would love to find something similar at my price point!

Thigh high boots- Been lusting over them for years. Problem.. I have slim, shapely legs and they don't want to stay up on me- however I've never even considered wearing them with pants that might help (lol I'm such a hooker...revery back to my pin-up, playboy "inspiration" and you'll get it!)


Someone you know may have gotten new hair similar to this- stay tuned for pics!

Messy but pulled together

The higher the hair, the closer to God!

Then of course there's the makeup....

But that's a whole other post for another day!

Happy Friday!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane 

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