Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blonde Moment

(The Blonde's Keyboard - What does it say about me that I ACTUALLY want one?)

Remember when I was in Louisiana and I was super excited about the "new" blogger features that allowed easier photo posting and blog laying-out-ness and I was super bummed when I came home and I didn't have it on my Blogger?

Yeah, had no idea that I could change my settings and these things would appear. I discovered this today.
I don't think Blogger does a very good job of communicating these options to us - I never knew!
I may not have been born blonde but I've certainly adopted the mentality when it comes to certain things. Oy!

I am super excited to go home and play around with the "new " blogger. Hopefully this will make my posting life a little bit easier.

In other news today is my Friday. I coordinated a large event at work this past weekend so I am taking tomorrow off to make up for the extra time at work and then I'm taking Friday and Saturday and working Sunday so that my assistant can take Sunday off. Voila! Three days off!

 I know my 3 days off will go oh so quickly because I'm already stacking it full of things to do : paint the office, clean EVERYTHING, decorate for fall/Halloween, consign my too-big clothes, have a hair apt., and have at least 1 night on the town with friends. I'm looking forward to it so much! I just wish the weather was fall-like to go along with my fall plans. I don't know how it is in your area of the country, but in southern Ohio its been in the 90s for the past week! I'm desperately wanting to slip into fall clothes and open up windows but the weather just isn't cooperating. Le sigh. Maybe next week?

Anyhow, I'm finishing lunch now -my fave Lean Cusine (well one of about 4 faves) Butternut Squash Ravioli. And I'm going to have to run and do some ACTUAL work.

(Only 5 points and so yummy!)

But that reminds me- I'm back to hardcore journaling and keeping track of points. I am determined to be at my ultimate goal by the end of this year - and as of last Thursday's weigh in I have 14 lbs left to go! I know I can do it - I've got the eating habits down to a science its the working out that I've really been slipping up on. Its too hot (IMO) to do any running in the heat of the day but it doesn't stay light long enough for me to feel safe doing it once it cools down - not that I live in a bad neighborhood or anything I just don't want to be a girl all alone with an Ipod full blast running after dark- just seems like an invite for trouble. And working out in the AM on a work day just doesn't work for me so I'm going to need to find some kind of alternative until the weather is a little more cooperative- back to The Biggest Loser Bootcamp maybe?

I've also been toying with the idea of working with a trainer for a few sessions. As I'm entering the last phase of weight loss I'm going to need to turn my focus on toning and definition and I'm going to need professional assistance there- first of all I have trouble pushing myself. If it hurts/sucks/etc. I won't do it on my own- but if I have someone pushing me and helping me I have a feeling I'll be much more successful.

So I'm researching this idea. Ever work with a trainer? What did you think? What helped you? My primary toning targets are my tummy (flatter, more definition) my arms (I don't want to be ripped or anything but I'd like some definition and a little more strength) and my butt ( I have NO BUTT...I want to do something that's going to give me a little junk in the trunk- suggestions here? I've even considered buying padded underpants for this job because as a group of young guys in the mall loudly pointed out a few years ago, "DAAAAMN that ass is flat as pita bread"  I'd like to at least fill out a pair of jeans without the denim sag in the rear!)

Looking for suggestions on any exercises/dvds/programs that helped any of these areas!

Alright ladies. I'm off! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Happy hump day to ya'll and happy end of the week to moi!

Much Love Always!


Shay said...

I want one too

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have you ever used the Shiva Rea yoga dvds? They're great!

This_is_Me said...

haha im gonna keep an eye on your comments for advice! I'm in maintenance of my weight but I'm dying to TONE up my tummy! got so much chub! And, any tips on how to get a butt would be GREATLY appreciated too!

Good luck to you!