Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Photo Recap

Friday: Got home from work and spent a low key evening at home with Ben. I assumed pjs and an early bed time were all that were in store for me but just before 11pm my bff Megan called me crying and asked me to ride with her downtown to pick her husband up from a concert - that he had been thrown out of for partying a little too hard. Being the good friend that I am I went with, expecting the very worst. Luckily Kenny was in good spirits when we arrived- super drunk- but in good spirits. Megan was pissed- but Kenny cracked me up!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early for my highly anticipated hair appointment.



Much better!

Feeling re-blondified and sassy; I met up with both of my sisters for their Matron of Honor dress fittings, then we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory where we shared fried artichoke hearts for an appetizer, and then I dined on white pizza and a salad. PS why are their portions so outlandish? Their lunch pizzas are big enough for three!!!

We were going shopping immediately following so I had to leave the left overs (otherwise I would have had to schlep them around with me) while I dropped a small fortune at Yankee, MAC, and H&M. I am IN LOVE with the MAC holiday sets btw!

My sisters and I shopped for several hrs. before I headed home to get dolled up and head out to meet Megan and Kenny at our town's Turkey Raffle. It was kind of dull and a little too "down home" for me (and my cute sweater dress and knee high leather boots) but I did win a turkey after purchasing just two tickets!

The pics:

(On our way!)

(The newlyweds)

(Me and my bff)


(Me with my turkey- or Kroger gift card to purchase said turkey rather)

After the raffle we headed home to meet up with a few more friends and play some Rock Band - which of course we turned into a drinking game:

We rocked out:

We posed for pictures:

And then because everyone else headed home and we can't sit still; Ben and I headed out to the bars to meet up with Emily, Will, and Elliot.

It was a fun night - some drama ensued at one of the bars we hit- but I'll spare you- suffice to say we won't EVER be returning (even if they did let us)!


Woke up early and made a big breakfast for Ben and myself. I cleaned a little and then went back to bed for a couple of hours before Emily and Will came over for the Bengals game - which we lost ) :

But the evening wasn't a bust - Emily made us all some yummy jambalaya and we pigged out big time. We also started daydreaming about road tripping to Mardi Gras in Feb - we both know people down there- its a possibility!

And that was my weekend!

Two more days until Thanksgiving and their going to be jam-packed at work. Oh well, at least it will make the time fly!

Hope everyone else had a fab weekend!

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane


Jax said...

Ha! You're so funny.. love the before and after hair appt pics! Funny. :) And you look great btw! Your weekend looked fun, girlie! :) Hope you're having a great holiday week! XOXO!

Liana said...

your hair looks so perfectly done in all the pics, even the before! I seriously can only manage to dry mine haha! looks like a fun weekend :)

The Un-Bride said...

You look fantastic in that black sweater dress. Wish you would have posted a full length so I could see it with boots!

Rachel Ann said...


if y'all want to roadtrip it down here, we need to make hotle reservations in NOLA like, ASAP. The ones that are in the quarter fill up super fast.

Just let me know, and I'll make it happen.


oh yea, and also again, I assume you needs me to pick a size for my bridesmaid dress soon? let me know.

loves you.

Annie said...

love your hair lady!! you look SO pretty!!
glad you had a fun weekend, lots of fun pictures! i love pics ;)

i hope you have a great thanksgiving hun!!