Friday, November 6, 2009

Dine' Avec Ma Mere Se Sois

I don't really know french (but I can fake it) so if this is grammatically incorrect I apologize (I got a D in French as a freshman in high school- switched to Spanish and got a 99% - literally a 99%)

Anyhow- Ma mere is coming over to my house tonight for dinner. I asked her a week ago wanting to show her our new downstairs set up. Not at thinking that I would spend the week battling a UTI, my girly time, and a wicked case of not feeling so hot about myself last night (PS Facebook sucks when it comes to other people posting pictures of you that you don't want posted- there is NOTHING you can do about it but de-tag and that still doesn't prevent the masses from viewing the album and seeing them anyway)

So Ma mere is coming over tonight and I have no plans for what I'm actually going to make for dinner. My mom is not a picky eater and she enjoys almost all varities of food but the problem is that I've been cooking dinners that Ben would enjoy lately and these are specifically things my mom won't care for: lemony chicken (mom doesn't like lemons) hamburger casserole (mom won't admit it but she's a little fancy) and pork chops (mom doesn't really like pork) so I'm drawing a blank because I just don't have time to prepare something awesome and to show off my mad culinary skills.

I'm thinking I'm going to go to Kroger buy some steaks and call it a dag on day.


If anyone has any awesome, fast, mom-wowing dinner ideas - send them my way STAT!


Christy said...

Just put something in the crockpot. I always do this when my mom is coming over for dinner.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I think the steaks sound good. You could make baked potatoes with all the fixins and sauteed mushrooms on side.

That's pretty much my favorite meal ever.

Anonymous said...

FTMF freezer to microwave food.