Monday, October 26, 2009

Show Us Your Life: Fall Decorations & "Weekend" Update

So I'm FINALLY linking up with Kelly's Korner to show off my fall decorations. We don't have a lot and they're definitely not as spectacular as some of the ones that have linked up with her blog- but their kitschy, and their fun and they suit our teeny, little, vintage town house, and they're ours, and we love them.

Living Room:

(I was watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy on Lifetime)

(I noticed after taking this that our cabinet is super unorganized.....oh well...we aren't perfect)

This little scarecrow pumpkin is on one of our end tables and our dining room table is super spooky/cute but I didn't get a picture of it (must have been stacked with mail per the usual)

Downstairs Hallway:

Over the cabinets in the kitchen:

Front Door:
(there are also stick on leaves on the door below the wreath that you can't see)


Ben made these tombstones for us a year ago and yes we have them for our fur babies as well.

We don't rake the leaves around them to give it a more authentic/spooky feel (don't mind Boo's cigarette butt down there ...ugh the bain of my existance!)

Look Up! A big spider is gonna get ya!

A little ghostie lives in the rocking chair on the porch

I do love our neigborhood in the fall.....

So many trees, so many colors.


Leaves wrap around both banisters

And adorn the back of the bench in the upstairs hallway (I LOVE that bench! We got it for free from Ben's brother- it needs to be repainted but the seat opens up for storage- which we all need!)

And that's it for the decor! If that's all you came for you can stop reading now. If you're here for all the good stuff- keep reading!

This Friday Ben and I had a sorta date. By sorta I mean we made plans for a date but then invited my friend Emily to come out with us to dinner at Chilis.

I took my own picture because I thought my hair looked exceptionally shiny and pretty.

Boo and I outside of Chilis

Emily and I enjoying our drinks

Emily and I at the bar for a nightcap afterwords (Ben went over to a friend's - see that's why it was a sorta date)

I got home around 11:30 and went right to bed to be up for work in the morning. Saturday and Sunday flew by because I had to work but I arrived home Sunday to the gang already good and comfy for the Bengals vrs. Bears. Good and comfy and sipping cocktails made of this:

Three Olives Bubble Vodka. Its bubblegum flavored!!! Mix it with 7up and its an amazing little drink. Consider it officially recommended to you all!

So we all had cocktails and watched the Bengals stomp the Bears 45-10: Bengals. Who Dey!

Afterwards we were all feeling a bit loopy: here I am trying on Will's crazy hat...


Today I was off but I have to admit the day was a bust. So many plans fell through including finding the perfect pumpkin. The only things that were successful were grocery shopping and custome fitting my vampire teeth...


Now its dinner time and then time for TV and getting started on my bustle for Halloween. Hope everyone had a fab weekend and has an even fabber week! 4 more days until Halloween!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane


Annie said...

1. your decorations look great hun!! you have such a cute home and neighborhood from the looks of the pictures!
2. bubble gum vodka! no way?!? i HAVE to try this!
3. chilis is one of my very favorite places to eat!! the ones around here always have 2 for 1's and they do have the best chips and salsa ever! YUM!!
4. loving the vampire teeth! & yes your hair looks oh so pretty in that picture :)

have a great week hun!!

Liana said...

bubblegum vodka!! umm, i'm in! and I totally could have guessed you would decorate so cutely for halloween going off how great your costumes were ;)

Mrs. Dew said...

I love your wreath! Oh and BTW I am beyond obsessed w/3 O's Bubble! We drank that for my bachelorette party, PERFECT!

Liz said...

Everything looks great! And your neighborhood really is beautiful in the fall!

The Un-Bride said...

Your hair was VERY shiney! How did you do that? I am jealous. Are you wearing a bumpit?

saucyminx410 said...

Nope no bumpit this time- I do have bumpits but in my opinion they are more work than they are worth! Thanks for the hair compliments - good hair days can be so rare!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Your decorations are really cute! And, my fav of course, is the "are you a good witch or a bad witch?" sign! :) Love it!