Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Costume Peraphanalia

So you may recall from this post that I am in the works of putting together a pretty killer Halloween costume.

Today I went hunting for the items I will need to put this look into motion.

Back in September I tried on this costume:

It was very cute on and I loved the idea of dressing up as a burlesque dancer - but then it dawned on me - I never do anything remotely scary or creepy and I wanted this Halloween to be different. So I put on my thinking cap and remembered a couple of True Blood episodes featuring 1920s/30s flashbacks:

And my plan was hatched.

Obviously the pretty pink costume wouldn't get the job done so I decided I would put my own burlesque costume together using this:


And a whole bunch of this: (in red and black)

To create the bustle I am planning to put my own twist on the no-sew tutus that everyone in bloggy land seems to be making for their wee ones- I'm hoping I can pull it off to achieve the look that I want! I will be working on the bustle during down time at work this weekend- heck I may even rope residents in to help me (my own little sweatshop, no?).

While I was out and about I also picked up all the accessories I would need:

Customizable fangs:
A short, dark, wig:

(PS the model looks a ridiculous lot like my girl Emily)


And I also got a cheapy makeup kit to play around in:

The look I'm going for is 20's burlesque dancer who has just been turned Vampire. Therefore I'm planning to go all out show girl makeup/undead complete with seeping bite marks and the whole bit.

Not shown but also part of my accessories: back seamed tights, t-strap heels, rhinestone jewels, and elbow length gloves.

The best part: The first costume I tried on cost $109 and did not include the fangs, wig, or makeup meaning had I bought it + accessories I would have spent $150.

Instead with a little creativity my grand total for EVERYTHING is right around $80 - still a lot- but a $60 savings- I'll take it!

Its going to take a little bit of elbow grease me thinks.

But I'm ready.

Bring it Halloween!

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane


The Un-Bride said...

Love it! I am dressing as an elf. I know it's strange. Every year about 5 of our neighbors and us get together and give out candy together. We come up with a theme every year and this year it's Christmas - haha. We thought we would throw the kids for a loop. When they say Trick or Treat, we will say Merry Christmas. We are not going all out with decorations - just going to put up some of those ginormous inflatables and dress up.

I never got a chance to post this previously, but your maid of honor speech brought me to tears! It was beautiful.

Mrs. Dew said...


Courtney said...

Wow, they loog A LOT alike!!

Liana said...

ow oooww! hot costume girl!! i can't can't wait to see how it turns out, i still havent decided on what to be haha!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Oh cute! I love it! It's sexy and edgy, but still a totally classic Halloween costume!