Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Musings

1. I am exhausted. First day back to work after 4 days "off" (if you can call being in a wedding off) is draining. Not to mention I went in at 9:30 and wasn't pulling out of the parking lot until 7:15

2. Wore my killer knee high leather boots today for said super long day and my toes are complaining big time right now. My job doesn't involve much sitting so I'm paying for my fashion victim-ness right now.

3. I have tons of DVR'd TV to catch up on but I am feeling more like blowing it off and just going to bed right now!

4. I miss Megan. After weeks of talking daily and seeing each other almost daily and now not talking to her at all or being able to recap with her about the wedding sucks! But I hope she's having a wonderful honeymoon!

5. I don't usually talk about finances here but Boo and I have had a very lean couple of weeks brought on by the combination of a major unexpected expense and all the wedding things I had to pay for in the last couple of weeks including dress alterations, hotel, hair, mani/pedi, gift, jewelery, etc. etc. etc. I know we'll catch up soon but I'm getting so freaked about financing our own day. I just have to remain confident that it will all work out. I just have to.

6. Does Dancing With The Stars really have to be two hour long every week?

7. Tell me why Ben had me stop at the store for frosting because he wanted to make a cake for me but then decided not to make the cake tonight at all - does he not realize how stinking tired I am?!?!

8. Have to work this weekend and that sucks.

9. I am clearly not in a good mood. But that's ok....tomorrow is another day

10. To cheer myself up and get my self in the Halloween spirit I thought I would share some of my recent costumes with you and give you a hint about this year's costume....

I always throw together my own costumes (cause I don't want to be one of 6 girls out and about in this costume or that) so sometimes they turn out better than others.

Halloween 2006: Scarecrow

Wish I c0uld find a picture of the whole costume.... it was short with a cute cotton skirt. I wore knee high boots stuffed with straw.

2007 Adam & Eve

Looking back all those leaves added a lot of bulk but in person that costume was awesome and I spent a ton of time on it. Ben went out and picked a giant leaf 20 minutes before and hot glued it to underwear.

This was at a traditional Drama Dept. party in 2007 callee "F*ed Up in Fairy Tale Land"

I wore a gold toga and sprayed my skin with lots of gold glitter- I went as King Midas' daughter whom he turned to gold..... if I did this costume again I would actually use gold makeup to turn my skin gold- not just glitter.

KI 2007
When I worked in group sales coordinating corporate and social events at Kings Island I was a team player and dressed up during the Halloween Haunt media preview. I created my own "look" and even did some press on local TV in this get up!

2008 Princess Lolly from Candyland

Yes I am aware my boobs look gigantic- ugh- they kind of are ) :
I went with my own twitst on the original character- it was kind of skanky... but I kind of liked it.

So this year.....

Add this...

To this...

And you've got Halloween 2009 - if I get it pulled together that is.

Anyhow I'm going to bed.

And its going to be awesome.

Much Love

Miss Amber Lane


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Girl it sounds like you need some rest asap! Those costume pics are so fun! I think my fave of the ones you posted are the Adam and Eve and the one where you have red lips/runny eye make-up! Such a great make-up job.

Liana said...

im so jealous that you're so into halloween!! i, "if", I dress up go for one of those costume in a bag ;) but I love that you two go as couples 2 keep getting cuter couple with each halloween

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Rough week, and I am feeling your pain. I worked almost the same sched. as you yesterday, but left work about thirty minutes earlier than you did.

Looong day in high heels = an unhappy Amber.

I can't wait to see how this year's costume turns out! You've had some real winners over the years. There were all really cute.

Go East Memphis Mama said...

That looks awesome! I love Halloween and I love all your past costume ideas:)

Michelle said...

Sounds like you're having a rough week! Keep your head up! All that work will pay off in the end! Love your past costume ideas!! You two are really cute together! Love your makeup & creative ideas too!