Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taboo or Not Taboo, That Is The Question

I'm going to talk about something here that may be a bit controversial to some of you depending on how you feel about this matter. Its a sensitive subject and I welcome any and all to have and share your opinions on this with me just as I am about to do with you now.

With that being said; I have to say this in the way that I said it to Boo 5 minutes ago:

"Dead baby pictures...really?!?

Let me clarify....

I am deeply saddened for the families who have experienced the loss of a child-especially a brand new baby. I can not even begin to fathom the strength it must take to suffer through such heart ache and to still maintain such infallible faith. Its only understandable that these families want to capture what they can of their child in the painfully short time that they are able to have with them- once they have passed; but what am unable to process are the video montages of these sweet babies post mortem.

And they're appearing in blogs EVERYWHERE!

I'm so sad for these families that have lost these children and understand that this is a way for them to celebrate the little life that was unable to be and to share their spiritual joy for an innocent life being called to Jesus- but is posting video and pictures of this child appropriate?

Maybe it is. I don't know, maybe its just me. But I tell you what; if people started posting pictures posed with Uncle Bob dead in his hospital bed or of Grandma in her casket there would be a big response to that- and I'm going to bet it wouldn't be the lot of us weeping into our hankies as photos of Dear Late Uncle Bob splashed across our computer screen to the tune of, "Arms of an Angel" - it would be more like a mess of bloggers reporting the "sickos" posting the pictures to the police for alleged necrophilia! What makes deceased babies different?

I don't mean to be insensitive (although I'm sure I'm coming off just that way) what I mean to say is, I don't know about you guys but I didn't know this was an ok thing to do and when I come across it (by mistake- believe you me!) my stomach feels like its going to display the contents of my lunch all over the keyboard- its not the sweet baby that makes me feel that way-
itst death in and of its self being (no -pun intended) immortalized on blogger for anyone and everyone to see- and I mean if you were those parents/families wouldn't you want to keep those few precious moments sacred to your heart and not provide fodder to any perv who types "Dead Baby" into google? Take all the pictures you want, hold your sweet baby until your arms fall off but at the very least make your blog friends only or provide a disclaimer somewhere near the top.

I'm just saying.

So, if you don't all hate me by now- I invite you to share your thoughts on the matter: ok, not ok, none of my business?

I mean coming to blogger I would've (and still do) consider this type of posting very taboo but apparantly there is a whole network of bloggers who are sharing their grief in this manner- and I am so happy they can support one another - I'm just not sure here.

I have other things to share with blogger about life at present but I can't imagine it would be appropriate to type about the everyday happenings of Amber Lane with such serious subject matter- so I shall return at a later time.

To close I reiterate that I do not mean this post to belittle the grief of these families who have experienced such a loss but to test the waters of other bloggers who may have also encountered such blogs.

Love to all!

Miss Amber Lane

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