Monday, August 17, 2009


Whew! This weekend was jam-packed! I came into work this morning not feeling the least bit rested and wishing for a slow, rainy day. Instead I've been faced with an action packed, sunshiny, HOT day. Oh well, when life gives you lemons.....

Saturday I woke up bright and early and headed out to the BMV to renew my liscense and tags. I arrived at about 8:15 to no lines and no wait - only to find out that there machines were down and weren't expected to be up and runnning until 9am. The wait wasn't so bad and at least the machines did go back up at 9am on the nose so I zipped on through and actually came out of there with a pretty cute picture (though the poor photography makes my face look super tan/red) and who knew- Ohio has revamped their liscense and guess what?!?!? They're pink! I think that's pretty fab.
Because of the delay at the BMV I was late meeting my mom for lunch and shopping but it all worked out and off we went to a cute little tea room near Dayton. Lunch was yummy we both had quicshe and strawberrry soup. Then we shopped in their cute little gift shop for Vera Bradley and Boyds Bears. After lunch we headed to Trader's World Flea Market where we bought junk food and....well that's about it. We browsed some of the hand made bridal goods but I'm not particularly sold - or sold at all really - don't get me wrong I love hand made goodies and especially the goods at Etsy- but the things at this particular flea market is its like Red Neck Etsy - its almost good, with just an edge of tacky. So I'll probably have to pass. I mean you know if someone says that they just finised a Country Western themed wedding I'M personally not in the right place.
After the Palacia De Flea we hopped across the road to the brand new outlet mall that opened last week and I fell in love. Cincinnati Premium Outlets are my new favorite shopping destination and I kid you not everyone on my gift list will be getting something Coach. I've never been to a Coach outlet and I just can't believe how amazing the prices are! We strolled the whole place and left just before closing and just in time for dinner which we did casually at Bob Evans. I've recently discovered that I LOVE chicken salad and theirs is pretty darn tasty! By the time I got home it was almost 10 pm and I was completely spent. I snuggled Boo on the couch for a few minutes and went to bed!
Sunday I also got up early- went shopping for Meg's first shower present and a treat for myself. Then while Ben and his dad fixed our bathroom sink, I went to Meg's shower. I am now officially excited for her and for her wedding! Her family is essentially my family so its going to be a blast! Once the shower was over I came back home to a cranked up ac (thank God!) and Emily came over for our Sunday detox and evening True Blood. Only three episodes left until the season finale and this season is really hot - if you watch you'll know what I mean when I say I love Bill but Eric is H-O-T and if I were Sookie- that's the direction I would sho!
Alright well I need to enjoy my lunch while I still have time so until next time....
Miss Amber Lane

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