Friday, August 21, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

1. Yay! It's Friday! I have no big plans- if the weather is yucky tomorrow I plan manicure, ring cleaning/inspection, Hobby Lobby, Bridal Salon with Emily, housework, cooking, and bridal shower game planning. If its sunny I plan pool.

2. I am too old/ have eaten too many choc. chip cookies in the past week to be wearing low rise jeans today - low rise jeans- how ar ethey ever a good idea- they are designed to barely cover your butt- and I'm suffering for that today.

3. Am taking residents to vintage ice cream shop in half hour - yumm-o!

4. Megan's bridal shower take 2 is Sunday

5. All the posts about fall and fall decor are making me super excited for the weather turning crispy - although I'm not sure I'm quite ready for pools to close and my tan to fade - oh well I have a tanning package - I'll just fake bake.

6. Looking for the perfect engagement picture dress/accessories - we are having them done the week of Labor Day - I hope that the weather is perfect and comfortable but I'm guessing high 80's and rain- I kid you not I will reschedule.

7. Searching for the perfect, non-promy, yet delightfully BIG hair style for Megan's wedding

8. Need to tidy my desk at work DESPERATELY -it is so unlike me to let things get messy

9. No Friday evening plans- Boo and I have cut way back on extraneous spending due to prior freak out on my behalf about actually paying for our wedding and not draining our savings.

10. Want to do a major home rearrange/decoration since it looks as though we will be staying put until at least after the wedding (BOO!)

11. We need a new arm chair for our living room. Our hand-me-down from the Bothe's has bit the dust.

12. Am feeling the need for change - not in appearance but in home/work/etc.

13. Looking for the perfect Halloween costume and hoping it involves thigh high boots because I really, really, really want a pair to add to my boot collection! Myhaps some type of vamp?

14. Project Runway premiere last night- Fabulous!

15. Did I mention I'm so glad its the weekend, cuz I am!

Happy Friday!

Miss Amber Lane


Rachel Ann said...

6. I will totally be headin' north that week. Brett and I are driving and want to spend a day or two with y'all either the weekend before, or the weekend after. Let me know what's good for you.

9. Institute an "at home" game night? puzzles, board games, and a bottle (or box) of cheap wine, and you've probably saved boucoup over going out to the bar. Brett and I get "big ben" puzzles at target, and they're usually only 6 bucks.

13. I am thrilled that it's almost Halloween! Excited to come up with a costume myself!

Kell said...

ohh how i feel you on the crispy weather bit. i am more than ready for fall. the tan fading is a slight disappointment but i will hop in the tanning bed and call it a day!