Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Numero 100 - and 1???

So today while reading my subsctiptions I happened to glance up at my blog stats and noticed that it said I had 100 posts. Wtf? I could've sworn my last post was number 99 - so I'm a bit bummed that my 100th post was a Not Me Monday post and not some groundbreaking , earthshattering peice of bloggy goodness that would make the blog world bow at my red laquered toesies .

Then I realized that even a well planned, super thought out post probably isn't going to completely rock anyones world (::waves hi to 12 followers::). Besides I miss blogging- I've waited over a week in hopes of coming to some grand Carrie Bradshaw-esque life conclusions and sorry guys, no dice. So here I am - numero 100 ( and maybe 1 who the heck knows anymore).

This past week (and a day) has been just lovely. I spent most of it dealing with a serious burn on the upper right hand quadrant of my right boob caused, strangely enough by the sun - a burn, just one (the rest of me was not burned at all) the size of a quarter. Rightie and I are now healing quite nicely and I have to admit that it still didn't keep me out of the sun this weekend. Nope, I dropped $30 or more on antibiotic ointment, spf 30, and clear waterproof bandages and hit the pool. I may be addicted. But hey, it is paying off Check out those tan lines ( in the battle between tan lines and no tan lines- I choose tan lines- what can I say; I think they're sexy):

(Megan, Me, and Emily at Rock Bottom Brewery Saturday Night - Don't Mind My Super Humidified Fuzzy Hair)

So yes- this past week I also spent two days lounging in the sun and spending time with friends and Benny Boo ( I'll post the rest of the pics when I'm not at work) .

I finally received my long awaited work bonus this week - and it was taxed to hell and back - I love how you get a bonus for all your hard work and then the gov takes almost half of it. Fantastic.

Although I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth- I love me some money and it has provided me (so far) with 5 new dresses, 1 pair new shoes, 1 new purse, Wedding DJ retainer, and new phone- its also about to provide me with shimmery, root-free blonde hair, a reception dress, and perhaps a shiny trinket to wear around my neck from a little place by the name of Tiffany. So in all- I guess I can't complain too terribly much.

This current work week my assistant is on vacation so I am here by my lonely and determined not to become overwhelmed (you can tell by my ability to blog first thing in the morning that I'm completely swamped amirite?).

A teeny smidgen of (petty) drama ensued at the work place yesterday.
In short - I work in a hen house and I'm sick of catty bitches .

In my world a panty line is a mistake not a fashion statement so yesterday when apparantly mine was clearly visible I would have appreciated someone telling ME not MY BOSS who of course recognized that I'm not a skank who would deliberately show my thong at work and simply brought it to my attention- at which time I immediately fled down the road to Vicky C's and bought a seamless, nude, thong - I was humiliated and hurt that no one just came to me and said,

"Hey Amber are you aware we can see your panties".

Le sigh.

That's the problem with my position I'm the youngest department head which unfortunately seperates me from the front line team (assistant excepted) even though I'm closer in age to most of them thatn the other department heads. It mayhaps creates a little bit of jealousy and resentment- (ie: you are my age- why should I listen to you) which I hate- I have a problem called: I want everyone to like me, I should look into getting over that.

I'm off on Friday this week and am Manager on Duty this weekend ( bleh) however I am considering taking a small vacation in the middle of July so hopefully that will get me through until then.

Well I better actually start my day and act like a real, adult, professional (riiiight) I am still going to have a give-a-way- but it may still be a little ways off.

Have a good day everyone!

Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Hopeful, Tired, Content

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Nelle said...

Happy 100th!!! And women are hard has hell to work for - why is that?!?!?