Thursday, June 11, 2009


Does anyone else really (and I mean REALLY) need a nap?
I sure do.
Today has been nothing short of fanatical:
7am Rise and Shine (and hit the snooze and get back in bed)
7:45 Dress, makeup, put hair up due to third-day hair syndrome
8:15 On the road
8:20 Starbucks @ Kroger + buying more checkered table cloths for work
9:00 Arrive @ Work
9:15 Begin pre-making Pineapple Upside Down Cakes for afternoon social
9:45 Drive resident to Dr
10:45 Finish pre-making cake
11:00 Trivia Game Instruction
11:30 Clean up Activity Room
12:15 Pick up resident from Dr.
1:00 Lunch (and by lunch I mean shopping at Ny and Co ....)

Obviously these two items make up a lounge outfit....

My jacket is actually in shades of black and grey not oatmeal

Love this dress- so cute and comfy!

Great sales...if you like Ny & Co.... I recommend going - its not my fave store but I find good things there from time to time- like today.
1:30 Paperwork
2:00 Wrangle up card club for a game of Rummy
2:15 Put cakes in oven
2:20 Prep for Father's Day bbq on Sat
2:45 Ooh and Ahh over cake---yay me!
3:00 Social
4:00 Clean Up - chit chat, etc
4:45 Blog
5:00 Peace Out
6:00 Hair Appointment!!!!
Later I'm supposed to meet Emily for drinks as I am off tomorrow- but my body is so achy and tired- I'm not sure if its the muggy June weather or my coming down with something but I am out of it!
Well it is almost time to wrap up for the day so I gotta run.
Today I'm Feeling: Run Down, Achy, Satisified

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