Monday, June 29, 2009


You know what -

It is not ok to go to a concert and be video taped by someone who works at your place of employment and then have them show other people.

One of the nurses where I work took video of Megan and I rockin out (and be smashed) at the NKTOB concert and apparantly showed Care Managers yesterday. I am livid. I know that this girl probably thinks I won't mind as the people she is showing are not direct reports to me - its just embarassing. I wasn't doing anything wrong I was just having a good time and cutting loose. Its just that people who respect me at my job don't need to see that.

Ugh. This digital age is blowing my mind. I spent over 300 dollars to ensure I would have an awesome time at this concert and how do I end up?

With a sore throat and an embarrassing video.

And I suppose great memories...

I guess it was worth it -

But wait until this girl comes in on Wednesday - game on baby.

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