Monday, May 25, 2009

Its Too Darn Hot

Have I ever mentioned that we don't have central air?

Damn these old townhouses.

Right now we only have one window unit in our bedroom and if we don't shut our bedroom door the bedroom doesn't cool enough for us to sleep well.

We at least have ceiling fans in every room but when its hot and muggy like it has been all day today- there's nothing we can do but sprawl out and dress scantily.

It may be time to move.

Or at the very least buy another window unit or two.

Anyhow I'm off to watch the start of the new season of Jon and Kate + 8 before bed .... scandal be damned... I love them!

Nighty, night!

Amber Lane

1 comment:

Liana said...

i know the new seasons on! hope it cools off! and cute pics from this weekend!