Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All The Fishes In The Sea, They Could Not Be Happier Than Me

Know Why?

You're gonna laugh. 

Or cringe.

I just heard on the radio today that Creed is getting back together

Judge me if you want to but Scott Stapp makes me swoon.  

You either love them or hate them ....

Miss Amber Lane + Creed = swoon

Otherwise the rest of today was nice. I was at my middle of the week perkiest for absolutely no reason - everyone remarked on how peppy I was today. Perhaps it was because I wore tennis shoes and wearing tennis shoes always revives my inner cheerleader. (Note: I NEVER wear tennis shoes unless a busy day of walking occurs so today was an anomile) 

Boo and I watched the season premiere of Wipeout (summer addiction- so funny) and also the series premiere of The Goode Family which I admit was entertaining and struck a note with us but we aren't sure its going to last- as we are sure that prime time network TV is ready for a politically left, animated, sattire. 

Tomorrow is another day and one more closer to another weekend. Hopefully this weekend will be nice and I can spend it lounging pool side and sipping iced teas. But if this week has been any sort of preview of the week to come- its safe to say- its gonna rain. 

Anyhow- bedtime is getting closer and closer and I'm going to need to hop in the shower.

So night, night blog land and big kisses!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Peppy, sleepy, relaxed

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kace said...

I used to love love love Creed! Glad to know I'm not the only fan in the world...:)