Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Before Sweet Dreams

Today was a decidedly good day.

It was one of those work days where I felt successful and accomplished.

Today For Work I :
-Trained a new volunteer
-Prepared and led a successful craft
-Sent Monte Carlo Night Invitations to the publisher
-Lunched with a volunteer, my assistant, and a nun at Skyline
-(Finally) had prints made of months worth of digital photos and began archiving them
-Had great conversations and interactions with my residents
-Kept a level head when we were told that no managers will be receiving bonus checks this year due to financial cut-backs and that all managers are being reduced to a 2% raise across the board and will not be receiving it until at least June (instead of this pay period).
- Attended a dinner meeting after work and ate yummy grilled tuna and drank a dirty martini amongst co-workers

After dinner I came home to an empty house and a dining room table covered in roses. Bennyboo went to the grocery today and out of his pure love and devotion for me he picked up a dozen roses in red and a dozen roses in a delicious peachy-pink color- just cuz'. Isn't that lovely?
He also vacuumed, mopped, washed dishes, and cleaned out the fridge. I could certainly get used to this "house fiance'" thing if he keeps it up!

Ben arrived home shortly after picking up dinner for himself at a local eatery. He dined while we watched jeopardy together and I flipped through the March Playboy. I then watched some DVRd shows and arranged my flowers into vases while Ben "threw dots" in WOW (if anyone else has a sig. other who is a gamer..you know what I'm talking about!)

Well I came up here twenty minutes ago to hit the hay early and I seem to be right in line with my regular 11pm bedtime.

Tomorow is sure to be a long day. First of all the weather is set to drop 25+ degrees from today so that should cause a wonderful sinus jubilee- that aside though I have no time to slow down. Flower arranging club begins promptly at 9am which means I need to be there no later than 8:30 to set up. At 9:30 or so we are scheduled to depart for a flower show at our local conservatory which will take up the morning into the early afternoon, then I have to get people off to mass, down for social and be on my way out the door for a MUCH needed hair appointment! And its my assistant's off day so its going to be a busy one!

Good news though- I'm off Saturday and Sunday of course, then I'm working Monday and then taking Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as vacation days - then because I'm MOD this weekend I'm off Friday so its almost like a full week's (minus the Monday blip) vacation with only three days used! It will be blissful and relaxing (well with the exception of St. Patty's Day when I planned to get blitzed on green gin and tonics) and I just can't wait! In that time Bennyboo and I plan to have meetings with potential wedding venues- then- let the planning begin!

Ok I've been putting the beddy by off...here I go! Nighty night!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: accomplished, fulfilled, excited

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