Sunday, March 29, 2009


So I know its still such a long way off, but I've been daydreaming about our honeymoon. In our 5 years together Ben and I have spent 1, that's right 1 night together in a hotel- and believe me that night was not romantic, we were downtown for New Years in a queen bed next to another queen bed where our friends slept. Not sexy.

So I've been having thoughts about what I would like our honeymoon to be like. I stop and close my eyes and think about what I want it to feel like. So far I've come up with this:

Bare Legs
Air Conditioning
Soft Sheets
Sleeping In
Romantic (That's a given me thinks)
Worry Free - no hurricanes, no foreign language, no long car trips with me as the passenger

Clearly this means that we must go tropical. We've been tossing around the idea of Jamaica. It seems to be the laid back, no worry kind of place where Ben and I can really unwind- Ben's not much the adventure seeker and I've got to admit on vacation I don't mind just being a beach bunny/ pool shark.
The travel advisers mention however that the best time to go is March, April, May ---we would be going in late June/early July ---would it be bad then? Does anyone know?

Also as I'm sure everyone is aware- the cash isn't free flowing in Amber and Ben land. What is the most economical way to plan a trip like this? Ben swears by Expedia and the I think that planning a trip of that caliber without ever making contact with a live person is daunting. What are your experiences with this?

I've got to be honest I've never left the continental United States without professional assistance and the thought of doing that makes me a scoshe nervous.

Like I mentioned though - we're not quite ready to book yet - Expedia won't even let us have a quote for any sooner than next February so we have time- I'm just getting anxious about all the money committments we have coming up over the next 15 months.

Anyhow.... This weekend has been nice- but like always WAY too fast. I'm dreading going back to the grind tomorrow and have considered taking a sicky- but know that I won't- I may actually need it someday and will just kick my own ass so tomorrow I will trudge in.

You already heard all about my day yesterday- I accomplished a lot- today was precisely the opposite- I accomplished nada. Went to the future in-laws and showed off the dress, did the same at Meggies- then Boo and I went to Best Buy for nada and left with exactly that. We had dinner at IHop and have spent the rest of the evening on the couch. This weekend is the end of that however- I need to get back to my old, motivated self.

I've been a potato recently- probably because my work life has been so draining of late.

Hopefully I get a handle on that this week.

Alright Lovies, goodnight! Sleep sweet!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Laxy, Happy, Dreamy

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Rachel Ann said...

SO, I know you said no foreign langueges, BUT, there's this tiny town in Mexico called Cuernavaca. Look into it, specifically a hotel called "Hosteria Las Quintas." The great thing about this place is that it's in the mountains, and has a CONSTANT temperature between 65 and 80, year round. So even when it's July weather in Ohio, going to Mexico provides a cool down, and a trip back to spring. It's not super touristy, but if you stay in a resort like hosteria most people speak english.

Look into it though.

Oh another downside is that you'd fly into Mexico city, and then have an hour car ride, though the mountains, with a mexican cab driver (which is daunting even if you DON'T get motion sickness)

Also, there's plenty of Southern Californa resorts you could look into.

And I will provide a Report on what Vegas is like in June upon my return.

end transmission.