Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Bang, bang. Shoot, Shoot.

No seriously. I'm posting from work right now because here at the end of my day I have such a warm feeling of accomplishment and happiness and in a typical work day my friends, that's rare. So I thought I would share before my tires start making pavement on the long road home.

Nothing substanitally out of the ordinary happened to day. Well, with the exception that my assistant called in sick for the second day in a row (how's that for my thoughts on my last post where I was longing to take a sicky myself...karma!) leaving me by my lonely on a busy day. I found myself quite amused earlier today when I realized that on days that I'm here by myself when my assistant calls off- its her job that I end up doing instead of my own. My job is supposedly the "important" job, definitely the higher paying job - but her's by far, hands down is the most urgent job. The stuff she does when she's here- is the stuff that HAS to get done when it HAS to get done.

So that's what I've been doing today: her job and when I had a few moments a scattering of my job. On the upside of that though I'm getting paid more to do her job so I guess no complaints.

Today has made me appreciate her more (and also long for the days when I wasn't the boss and calling in sick just meant making a quick phone call to my boss, instead of when I'm sick now and I have to call the office a hundred times a day to make sure things are covered and everything is getting done that needs to get done) so though I'm not sure she's considered an admin. assistant I seriously think I will appreciate her on the day for said position- she deserves it!

But yes, though I was busy doing double my normal work- I had a great day. Here's what I accomplished:

A Day in the Work Life of Miss Amber Lane:

-Arrived early
- Made arrangements for activity coverage in my place so I could take assistant's place to drive residents to doctor's appointments
- Dropped first res. to doctor
-Returned to office interviewed two potential volunteers and completed paperwork
- Dropped two more res. to doctor
-Picked up first res.
- Returned to office- led trivia game
- Folded and stuffed party invites for Easter
- Dropped next res. at doctor
-Picked up 2nd res. at doctor
-Returned to office to drop res. off
- Left again to visit hobby Lobby to pick up craft and bulletin board supplies
-Pulling in to Hobby Lobby got call that final res. was ready to be picked up from doc
-Picked res up, she came with me to Hobby Lobby
-Returned to office
-Began social then delegated to Care Manager to complete
-Discarded old flowers, and washed vases for tomorrow's flowers
-Applied postage and mailed Easter invites
-Helped clean a messy bathroom
-Typed and pritned tomorrow's schedule
-Sat down to blog


Yet, like I said; somehow I feel happy and accomplished not worn out and frustrated and that's such a good thing!

Alright well I do have a few more things to finish up before dashing out the door.

Happy Tuesday my lovlies! Only three more days left!


Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Hapy, Accomplished, Satisfied

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Hey! I just wanted to give you a head's up that I've done some spring cleaning over at my blog and have changed the title and blog address. Please update your subscription lists with http://www.ladytellsall.blogspot.com. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you :)!