Saturday, March 28, 2009

Green Hair Bows and Shamrock Suspenders

This is actually the last pic of the night- after all the green g & t s I would think my tongue would be green but it's not!

Me at the start of the night- I loooooved those barrettes! I want a pair in every color!

Me and my Leprechaun Lover.

Me and one of my best gals; Emily- also one of my bridesmaids!

Kissing Fools!
Me and new mommy (for the second time) Ashley. My eyes are getting bleary! Yikes!

Giving my man another kiss!

Ben doing the Tauren Dance in his St. Patties suspenders!

Me and one of my besties for life: Megan.

That's pretty much it. St. Patties in a nutshell. I thought my outfit was super cute....gotta get some more of those hair bows........

Coming soon: Wedding Dress Pictures!

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