Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wedding Bliss and Kitty Pee Pee

Today was a fantastic day in the wonderful world of weddings.

I found my dress!

And bought it!

It's perfect!

I also (think) I've found my bridesmaids dresses! I happened into a sassy little boutique and found three dresses in the exact same shade of "bubblegum" in three different styles. The only "maid" I had with me was my sister Denise (who is actually co-matron of honor) and I shoved her into them. She, my mom, and I are all in agreement- the color is gorgeous and universally flattering and the different styles will flatter different figures. So we're super excited. I'm planning to take other maids to the dresses as I am able to in the near future - just to be sure.

Oh and did I also mention that there was a cute flower girl dress in the same color with a big white sash and bow? I think I'm in love!

After Ma Mere, sissy, and I dress shopped- mom and I met Ben and we went over to our ceremony/reception venue and smacked down our deposit. Our ceremony and reception will be held at The Oasis Golf & Conference Center: Friday, June 25, 2010!!!

So excited!

The ceremony will take place on the patio overlooking the golf course- this is a pretty picture except for the chains --- what's with that?!?

A popular place at The Oasis for photo ops ( I can see why of course!)

The room where our reception will be hold- lavender will not be one of my colors.

I'm so excited to get down the nitty gritty of decorating and personalizing the ceremony and reception.

So- in all today was a day of this wedding thing coming to fruition! I'm now more excited than I have been the whole time that we've been engaged and can't wait to keep on planning!

However- (yes there's always a however).....

I come home and am greeted in our front hallway by a terrible smell. It smells like wet, dank, basement and cats- (of which we have both) and I have to tell ya- I am not pleased.

Friends, I am about to share some information that you may judge me for- I'm sorry- Princess though I am- I am also human and am faced with human (or in this case as you will soon discover- feline) dilemmas. I feel as though I must share because I am at my end and don't know what to do--aka PLEASE HELP!

As I just mentioned we have two problems: basement and kitty.

Let's cover the basement first. Problem numero uno- when we have big rains the basement leaks- we live in one of the two Greenbelt communities constructed after one of the world wars- our townhouse is old- therefore we deal with running water that snakes across our basement floor anytime the ground gets saturated.

If that weren't problem enough- we also have sensitive plumbing- and by sensitive I mean that even if the neighbor flushes a tampon- our basement will soon be a sesspool. This past fall I frollicked down to the basement to throw something in the dryer and was greated with ankle-deep water....sewer what was once in our toilet...was now floating by in our basement.

I know- gross. Though the basement has of course been pumped out and rinsed/ sanitized- as you can imagine its still not a pleasant smelling area. We hate to go down there- we hate to have the heat kick on - because I swear on my life everytime the heat kicks on I smell the scent of sewer... even if its slight. Its bad as well because that's where we keep the kitty boxes (yes plural) and we can't shut the door to the basement - and since our basement door is pretty much the first thing you come to when you come through our front door- guess what the first thing you're going to smell is --- that's righ ya'll: Poo Basment.

Alright- so that's the first thing working against us. The next is our cats themselves.

Our I love them. We have more of them than we need- I chalk it up to our kind hearts and soft spot fo cute and cuddlies but the fact of the matter is- we have a huge problem and that problem is at least one of our cute cuddlies thinks that the litter box is a personal choice and one that she isn't required to make. This cat- Izzy- is my cat. The one I had before Ben and I merged- my baby and I can't bear to think of losing her but I don't know what else to do she doesn't just pee where she wants to she backs her little white butt up to walls, tables, armchairs etc and shakes her tail and out it comes. My mom says female cats don't pee that way, that it sounds like she's marking her territory- I have no idea. I do know that I follow her around day and night with cleaning products, brushes, soaps, and sponges trying to catch the stain before it sets and the odor before it ressonates- but I'm not here 24 hours a day and I have to tell you- though I smelled basement when I walked through the door- I smelled kitty pee more - and that just doesn't jive.

You know those commercials that say "The way your house looks says a lot about you, but the way it smells says more" ? Well I'm a huge believer of that. You can have the most cluttered, unorganized house in the world and have it smell clean and people will consider you scattered. If your house is spotless and smells like the inside of an ass- and people will consider you dirty. I know- I judge smells- big time- at people's homes- sue me, hold it against me if you want- but its truth.

Its also important to me because growing up my mom was a smoker (she quit almost 5 years ago now) and I was always embarrased when friends came over and it smelled like stale cigarrettes and they noticed. I know its vain and superficial but because of that, and because my mom was the Queen of clutter- its been important to me- ever since I've been on my own to have a home that at any time, any day if someone popped over for a visit (not that so many do) I would feel comfortable enough to invite them right on in and not have to worry about embarrassment from stacks of dirty dishes, cat hair covering our area rugs/furniture/everything, and odors....ugh but mostly odors.

Sigh- and I feel like I'm battling it all, everyday, constantly.

I've told Ben that we need to consider getting rid of at least two cats and he gets upset with me, "we took them on, its our responsibility to care for them" I believe that but I also didn't sign on for smells. What do I do? I mean it does break my heart to think of getting rid of any one of them- but I'm at my end. I seek advice- got any?

Maybe its not that bad- maybe its my sensitive nose and my fear of these things. Who knows.

I'm not letting this problem squash the joy of the day though. It was successful for sure! I'm way overdue for a photo post including st. patties and pics of today! Stay tuned I promise they'll get here eventually!

Happy Saturday Lovies!

Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Accomplished, Happy, Disgusted (SMELLS!!!)

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