Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching Up and Weekend Re-Cap

I don't know if anyone else had trouble with Blogger last week but anytime I tried to post last week I simply could not. I would try to click in the compose box and type and nothing would happen. Very frustrating!

Now today, like magic its working again so I though I would take advantage.

So the last time we "chatted" I was about to embark on my 9 day staycation. That has now come and gone and I've been back to work for about 2 weeks now. Wow, time flies!

Staycaytion was good, very relaxing, the only draw back is it rained like every hocking day I was off - seriously almost every day.

We went to the pool one day for a couple hrs...I think that was the very first day and it was very over cast. Then it rained and rained and rained and rained. Even on the 4th of July- so we pretty much stayed in for the weekdays of the week of the 4th. We didn't have the girls over the weekend of staycay so we spent a night in Ky with our friend Jenny one night, then the next we went to some old band mate's house of The Rockstar and watched the UFC fights.
One day we took the girls to see Man of Steel (it was oooook. Too long, too many exploding buildings for me- I'll take any of The Avengers movies over that movie any day especially Iron Man or Thor...mmmm Thor:

We did get one sunny day the second to last day of my time off so The Rockstar and I went on an all day kayaking trip which was a BLAST! We made some new friends and spent a relaxing day, kayaking, floating, and drinking. On the last day of my trip we tried the pool again but it started pouring down rain about 20 minutes after we got there so we packed up the girls, cut our losses, and had dinner at CiCi's pizza and called it a day!

JUly 13th was The Rockstar's 38th birthday so you know we did that up right! Birthday lunch with his family at his mom's then a downtown Cincinnati karaoke dance party - just us to start with then our friends joined us and we partied down!

We've had a couple shows between then and now including two this weekend.
We played a four hour show at a local bar this Friday and had oh-so-much-fun there and after! Saturday morning I had to work but when I got off it was show time again! So we both prettied up and hit the road for Clifton, an urban college area very near the heart of Cincinnati (we live about 30 minutes NW of the city).

I took a shameless selfie in the bathroom of Aquarius Star (the bistro that we played in).
This is while my hair was still looking moderately fluffy and styled - the humidity helped to alleviate that within no time!

We played second in a show of 3 acts. Our friend Morgan did a solo acoustic set to begin, then us, then our friend's brand-new band "Cain" debuted to close out the evening. It was an early show to accomodate the dinner crowd so the entire things spanned 6-9pm.

Taken of me by one of the other band's members sipping ginseng,mint iced tea like a good girl ( :

Double Tap (That's us!) playing Anna Kendrick's "Cups" with Morgan guest starring on the Cup!

The Rockstar- one of these days I'll ask his permission to post his face directly but I'm not ready for him to know that I still post here relatively frequently- not that I don't trust him. I think this picture is adorable - don't know why....

My very favorite fountain in Clifton- I think its magical!

After the show we discovered that our friend Jenny who I've mentioned here several times, just so happened to be meeting a friend on the same block where we had played so we all met up at a local bar for a few drinks.

In the bathroom stalls of the ladies rr were chalkboards I couldn't resisit telling the masses to like our band on Facebook:


I also wrote a message telling ladies to have a nice pee but I digress..

To tell you what we did next, I first have to go backwards. On Wednesday after going to the grocery store the Rockstar and I were pulling into the garage when a  local music radio station announced that the first person to call in would win tickets to see a national entertainer perform at a local venue that coming Saturday. The Rockstar got all bummed b/c he wanted to win and we had a show. I quickly reminded him that our show was early and we could still make it so he quickly called ...and won!

So who was it? Where was it?

I'm an open-book and I call shit like I see it. I am not at all ashamed to admit that the entertainer was porn star Katie Morgan (also hosted an HBO show about sex) and she was dancing at a gentleman's club about 30 minutes away from where we performed Saturday night.

So after our show and after drinks with Jenny's friend; The Rockstar, Jenny, and I took a trip out for the show....

Obviously I didn't take pictures inside but I did snap one of my peeps out front after they closed:

I know everyone, especially the ladies have differing views and opinions on establishments such as Racers and I appreciate and respect everyone's. My personal opinion is that when its taken at face value and is a sometimes thing its A-Ok- especially when you can share that with the person that you are in a relationship/intimate with. Matter-of-fact as a couple's experience I find it very sexy.
We all had a blast.

Afterwards we needed some kind of sustenance to get us back to our corners of the tri-state so we stopped at a Steak n' Shake that was as cold as an igloo so the Rockstar located his Giants jacket in the trunk and I rocked that sucker (Bengals fan for life PS!)

Drunky girl face - I'm cool with it!

We made it home just after 5pm and were ready to call it a night...well almost ( ;

Sunday we slept until noon (how very Rockstar of us)

Then showered and met my mom for lunch at Olive Garden. So yum!

We ran a couple errands including a trip to the video store for the last two discs of season 7 of Dexter and Pleasantville (which is definitely in my top 10 favorite movies and he has never seen).

We vegged the entire rest of the day- well I did laundry so I wasn't a complete vegetable.

It was amazing.

I have the best weekends ever! Matter of fact I have the best weeks ever too!

Glad I'm sharing it all with someone I have so much damn fun with!

Have a good week everyone!

Much Love!
Amber Lane

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