Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Blogger

I miss blogging.

Not just blogging ... but blogging about NOTHING. I miss logging in and typing a blog chock full of pictures from my weekend and purchases I made and how I lost weight this week and blah, blah, blah. Posts like that are much more fun than the ones I've shared lately ... but I haven't made any fun purchases lately
( I bought a new hard drive for my laptop and paid an outrageous energy bill - does that count?) and I certainly haven't lost weight - my biggest work out this week was running after a 14 month old and a 10 month old on Saturday afternoon (although my quads are burning and my arms ache like I've been lifting weights lol)  so.... ce'st la vie ... life is different now... posts are bound to be different too.

Fact of the matter is - I'm sick of my life revolving around the dramz of a divorce and all that it entails ... I'm ready to bring this thing to a close and be able to talk about life again ... actually living life and I am ACTUALLY LIVING LIFE its just I'm getting used to new normals and it sucks the energy for blogging right out of this child.

Here I am now though - so how about a weekend update?

This weekend I was off on Friday and Saturday and was Manager on Duty at work Sunday.
Friday I slept in until about 11:30 then ran errands while the bf went to class. When I got home I did laundry and mopped the floors because by 6:30 the bf's little girl was scooching around in her pjs being adorable and I didn't want her knees to collect dust and paw prints. We spent the evening with her then picked up dinner from IHop to eat at home after dropping her back off to her mom.

Saturday was all about working on the new/old SUV. The bf works on cars as a hobby and about a week ago he snagged an older Explorer for a steal and has been fixing it up. My friend Megan's husband also knows a little something about cars so Saturday morning after the bf picked up the baby for the afternoon the 3 of us went over to Megan's to get some work done on the vehicle. The boys worked on the vehicle I hung out with the babies....yes plural...Megan was at work and with her husband helping work on the SUV someone had to keep an eye on Miss Shelby - so I hung out with the girls and let the boys spend time with a fuel pump in the cold, windy January air. It was a lot of work keeping up with the girls but also a lot of fun - I took a lot of adorable pics of the two together but I'm not comfortable posting any of the bf's daughter without consent - especially since I do not know or have a relationship with her mother - so while I may blurb a snippet here or there about how adorable she is - I won't be disclosing her name or any photos of her - I think thats the appropriate and respectful thing to do.

After about 4 hours on the SUV and with babies -we were all exhausted so we headed for home. The baby napped and we talked about dinner plans for after she went back to her mom - we decided on an old Italian place thats been in business for about 75 years - the food was phenomenal - the service was lousy. Can't win em' all I guess lol. I fell asleep on the couch watching The Expendables and that ended my weekend.

Sunday was work followed by chicken wings, keno, and the pro bowl at a local bar.

Now its Monday and the dawn of a new week. Its sunny and the next couple of days are promising to be unseasonably warm for January in southern Ohio so I'm hoping it lifts the winter blahs for the masses and everyone is in good moods for the week.

This week I have a hair appt (finally -ladies I made one for a week ago Saturday and it got cancelled thanks to an ice storm) its been since the first week in November that I had my hair done and I NEED IT - I'm also ready to start lightening back up ... brown hair was fun for awhile but its just not me! I also have a meeting with my lawyer ...but that's not fun stuff so enough of that for now! 

Hope everyone is well and has a great week! Before we know it spring will be here and with the flowers will bloom new beginnings - hope you're all as excited for that as I am!

Much Love!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Have a good week!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Totally agree with you about not posting pics or mentioning the child's name. Josh has a son and I never say his name or post pics of him. Someone even had the nerve to ask my why I wouldn't!