Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Start of Something Good

Well after I went on and on about the gorgeous, sunny weather on my last post, mother nature has decided to rub my nose in it and the sky is gray and murky - splashing rain drops down from time to time - thus ruining a perfectly free Saturday that I had set aside for pool lounging. Sigh.

Guess the dreary weather will act as the motivator I need to organize this house and US for our trip to Virginia Beach - we leave 1 week from tomorrow!

We are looooong over due for a trip alone together. We have NEVER been on one in the entire 7.4 years we've been together!  We've had a weekend trip here or there with friends but that's it - we never even had a honeymoon thanks to Ben's new job (I'm not complaining believe me!) so we are really looking forward to getting away together to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary- which is 1 week from today!

In honor of our anniversary week I thought I would share some of our story through photos with you this week.

Friendship: 1997 - Well...for always

Really hard to see I know: Ben is on the far right in the 2nd row..I'm the head to the left of him with the bangs- this was at a party our freshman year in high school 

Sophomore year homecoming - Ben in the couple on the left and me with my then boyfriend in the middle

Band camp our junior year in highschool - Megan, Ben, and Me 

Another tricky one to see - Junior Year Homecoming I'm on the left in the front- Ben is the second on the left - both there with different dates than the year before ( : 

Dating: Feb 2004 -Feb 2009
(AKA Look How Chunky I Was...j/k...still good memories)

The first month or so of us officially dating

New Years Eve Ringing in 2004

Ren. Fest

Our 4 year dating anniversary 

Ringing in 2009 

Out and about with friends

My college graduation party 2007

One of our many Halloween get-ups 

We're on a Boat!

Waking Up to a scruffy face! 

The picture that inspired our engagement pictures

And there are so many more  that I could show you but there's only so much time in the day!

We dated for 5 years before getting engaged - something I was convinced would NEVER happen but it finally did....

And I w as going to post those pictures today too but blogger is not cooperating so I'll have to save them for another day!

Stay tuned! For now I'm off to attempt productivity - happy weekend!
Much Love Always,

Mrs. Amber Lane 


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Awww, this is so cute, thank you for sharing! I had no idea you guys have to been together for SO LONG. I love that you're high school sweethearts :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Have a great time on vacation! Enjoy!

Lindsey said...

Vacation!!!! WOOHOO, have a blast!:)

Great question on my post! We are pretty serious about keeping our guard up when it comes to our relationship and so we try our best to always honor our boundaries but once in a while something may come up where we find ourselves in certain situations like when it was raining one day and a coworker of the (sexiest man alive) had to walk home in the rain and asked for a ride, in that case although it’s not preferred, it’s hard to say no to helping someone in a situation like that. But even though we have plenty of close friends, we don’t “hang out” one on one with the opposite sex, it’s just something we chose not to do. Everyone’s boundaries are different though, it’s something that’s built around the idea of “ what if” what if we find ourselves in a situation that is filled with temptation? So to prevent ourselves from answering those questions, we eliminate the challenge entirely by avoiding the situation.

Anonymous said...

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