Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10 On Tuesday

I have so much to write about but since I can't seem to find a good place to start I thought I would just fill in the blanks! 

10 on Tuesday stolen from Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields
1. How did your parents decide on your name?
I was named after the title character in the novel Forever Amber ; Amber Sinclair - if it weren't for that book my name would be Marci (gag) 
2. Do your initials (First, Middle, Last) spell out anything fun/funny? 
ALL was my maiden name and in middle school I used to say I was, "ALL that and a bag of chips" ( because I was lame) Now its ALS and all I can think of is ALS Toy Barn from Toy Story!
3. Did you take your middle name from childhood or did you take your maiden name as your middle name? (If unmarried, what do you plan to do?)
I took my husbands last name and kept my middle name the same. I feel like my middle name is as much a part of me as my first name I would feel weird without it- and its also a family name. My mom never had a middle name so she took her maiden name as her middle name when she married.
4. Are you or will you name your children thematically (ie. same first letter, all of same origin…)
I might- I'm Amber and my husband is Ben so I thought maybe we could continue the alphabet but then I thought that's dumb because for the most part none of the baby names I like would follow suit and that would be a dumb reason to name a baby something you don't love. More lately I've thought having all As and Bs might be cute because there are several names I like that begin with those letters.
5. Did you decide on baby names as a little girl? Did you stick to them or change your mind?
Sort of. I have a laundry list of names that I love but I'm not sure that I came up with them when I was a little girl or later. I shall share (Middle names are in () ): Girls: Autumn (Lane), Addison (Rose), Bridgette (Audrey) Jolie (Georgeanne) I also like the middle name Grace Boys: Lane, Gabriel, Christian, Dominic, Caleb, Aiden
6. Does your family have any names that have been passed down through generations?
Lane. My grandma's middle name - my middle name - a future middle name of a girl or first name of a boy for me!
7. Do you look at the meaning of the name or just the name itself?
I look at the name's meaning definitely. For example I love the name Addison but it means: Daughter of Adam. Adam was the name of a boy I dated who almost killed me; emotionally and literally. I don't know if any child of mine can have a name that literally translates to daughter of Adam.
8. Do you name pets with human names (Sally, Henry) or with pet names (Fluffy, Mr. Bo Bo)? 
Five cats two have "human" names: Izzy and Zoey. The other 3 are Bryndel, Rennie, and BG Snugs.
9. Are there any names that you have an affinity or dislike for based on a childhood experience/someone you once knew?
See above on Adam. I also don't like the name Maria, Mary, Chrissy and I'm sure if I really thought about it there would be more.
10. What are some of your favorite names? Why?
See above! On another note about names..with a last name like Smith any child we have must have a name that will be strong and stand on its own. 

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