Sunday, November 28, 2010

Watchu Been Up To?

I know. I know. I have been gone a long time.

Things around here have been crazy-go-nuts. Big time. The good news is that I have pictures of just about all the good stuff over the past two weeks. 


First of all.... 

The Halloween costume that I hyped up for weeks and then never showed you pictures of:

I took this bridesmaids dress ( now like 8 sizes too big)

And made this Medusa costume:


My husband has a tendency to not work on his costumes until the VERY last minute. Here is his super slapped together statue costume....and some of our friends before hitting the bars. Emily, poor thing spent $80 on a costume only to have the zipper break 15 minutes after putting it on - we had to improvise with a sparkle dress and Mardi Gras mask  - but it worked!

That's pretty much all the Halloween pictures I have because as you already know- my purse hit a bucket of water that night and the camera fizzed out.

So moving on....

The New Old Job

My last day of work in Ky was a week and a half ago. 
It has been a very rough transition. 

Though its technically a transfer - because of my old building getting sold and my actually being an employee of a different company for two weeks - I have had to jump through hoops like a new hire. 

This includes drug screens, physical, TB test, fingerprinting, etc. all over again. And not having computer access at all. Hence the no blogging. 

My awesome assistant put together a little going-away party for me on my last day

I told her not to put a sappy message on the cake so that I wouldn't get emotional...this is what she came up with! Lol! 

Me and my cake and flowers- I can't really show any more pictures because they all have residents in them ( technically I shouldn't have this one on either- but I figure since these two are in the way background it should be OK) 

The cat was very sad to see me go. 

So a week ago Thursday I left my big, awesome office/activity room:

My KY home...

And checked into my new digs in Ohio:

What the hell was I thinking? I literally share my space with the community copier - I have no privacy - people come in and out all day. I REALLY miss my old office - and my residents. Its so funny to me how it is the same position - yet somehow feels so different. Its definitely going to take some adjustment. Its been really hard to get into the swing of things because my first week I was only in the new community for two days before the weekend - then the next week I only worked three days before the 4 day holiday (which I didn't completely get to take...more on that in a minute)

So I'm all moved in at the new job and trying to get my head around it all. Its going to take some time - I still don't think its fully kicked in that I'm not going back to the KY building - it still feels like I am. Its sad. I'm still kind of sad. Its hard. 

But in the past couple of weeks I've had plenty of wine with my favorites to comfort me and keep me warm!

Out & About

Seriously...I drink a lot of wine.


A week ago today I got a phone call from my mom in the early evening to tell me that my brother-in-law fell  from a tree stand while hunting and was being flight cared to the hospital. That was all the information that she had. So Ben and I loaded up the car and drove down to the hospital expecting the worst. And it was bad. My brother-in-law fell 20-25 feet out of a tree stand because he had not harnessed himself on and fell asleep. My 13 year-old nephew was the only one with him and he basically saved the day. Calling 911, running to get help and staying with his dad while EMTs were on the way.

Somehow, my brother-in-law survived this fall with 11 broken ribs, both lungs punctured and collapsed, and a high risk for infection from the lacerations on the right lung. He spent 6 days in the hospital under close surveillance and is now back home with a long road to complete recovery. 

I have no idea how he was not hurt worse than he was - but thank God he wasn't! 


Was quieter this year.
My sister Diana didn't come until after visiting hrs were over at the hospital - and even then only for about an hour. So we were down both her and her hubby - but my nephew did come for a few hours before leaving to visit his dad. There were only about 10 of us for dinner this year. It was quiet but nice.

Snuggling with my sister's dog: Sampson.

A sisterly photo shoot minus 1 sister:

This one made my boobs look funny...

This one is just silly....

This one is just right! FAVE!

Then Ben and I attempted to get a pic for our Christmas card:

That is no easy task! Here is one of the outtakes from our attempts. This one is just OK. Christmas card to  come soon!

The Weekend After Thanksgiving

This year I didn't really do much Black Friday shopping. With Diana at the hospital and Denise working for 4 hours I took some time in the late morning and early afternoon to go into work and get a jump start on the 9..yes, NINE Christmas trees that needed to go up at work. So even though I was scheduled and getting paid for a holiday I went in- have to take about 4 hours off sometime this week - see if I actually am able to do this!

I did hit a few stores Friday evening and Saturday early: 

Picked up a few gifts and a few pretties for myself: 

New Coat!

And sweater!

Then I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon decorating for Christmas

And goofing off with the camera!

 Before having dinner at Ben's parents and then hitting the bars with the Emily for a few 28th birthday drinks (hers ... not mine!)

Sunday was a lazy, lazy day. I haven't even left the house:

However, this evening Will and Emily came over for Dexter and we had cake for Em's bday.

 The birthday girl!

And that's pretty much it! You are all up to speed. I still don't have internet access at work and this week is really stacking up so I may not be back in full force yet - but I knew when I started getting comments about my absence it was time for an update!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Have a good week all!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad to hear that your bro is ok! That's awful that he fell like that.

I love that new coat that you got! Very cute!!

MrsMc_B said...

You have had a crazy few weeks! Glad you are back.

MrsMc_B said...

You have had a crazy few weeks! Glad you are back.