Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baton Rouge: Houmas House Plantation

The day of the wedding Ma Mere and I decided to do a little bit of site seeing and drove out to the Houmas House Plantation for a few hours.

You already know that no road trip is ever complete without a trip to the Cracker Barrel.

Ma Mere sat in the LSU chair- we are still amazed at how fanatical you people in the south are about your college football. Me, I could care less.

So beautiful. The view from the road is breathtaking.

Welcome to Houmas!

Practicing my delightfuly aloof look in front of the main entrance pond.

Wanna swing?

They do weddings here every weekend- wouldn't that be magical?

Beautiful gardens on each side, in front, and behind the house

Ma Mere and I before departing to get ready for the wedding.

My pictures inside the house- were not so awesome. It was beautiful but I didn't do it any justice!

Wish I could live in the Houmas House- my dream house would absolutely be an old, old house - I know they have problems but I think it would be worth it!

And also...just to keep you current..visited my cousin Thursday night for karaoke in his town about 45 min. away....

I was bored waiting for Emily to get off work so I started playing around with my camera...

Not sure about this face here but I like the close up uf my bif ole muppet baby eyes. lol

Emily and Me.

Me and my cousin Danny. Can you tell he's kind of a ham?
Hell of a good karaoke singer though!

I'm working this weekend - like it or not. So for now...I gotta run!

Much Love Always!


JMO said...

Super cute dress!! Oh girl, I love me some Cracker Barrel!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

That house is gorgeous, a wedding there would be amazing....maybe for my 2nd one :) You look fantastic as usual!!

Jesse said...

Amber, Thanks for visiting Houmas House Plantation! I hope next time you come you will have dinner at Latil's Landing. Latil's is our award winning fine dining restaurant that would make a great 1st Anniversary dinner.
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-Your Friends at Houmas House