Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Halloween costume guessing game to bring you this weekend's update.

As  you already know this past weekend was not a traditional weekend for me. I was off Thursday,Friday, and Saturday then went into work on Sunday. This means that I had two peaceful weekdays while Ben was working to get things done! It was lovely but went by way too fast!


I got a lot of maintenance type things done. I cleaned,organized, and decorated @ home then I took my car to the car wash- got the works then vacuumed the heck out of the interior. I went to Auto Zone and Yankee Candle and got some smelly good things to put in my freshly cleaned car. While at Yankee I also discovered my new favorite fall scents:

Mountain Lodge smells masculine and soapy : I have a car jar in this scent hanging in my car and every time I get in I get a little shiver because it reminds me of the way Bennyboo smells right after a shower.

Maple Pancakes smells just like its name suggests. I'm burning this scent right now and I LOVE IT! I try not to have candles in the house that smell like food so that they don't make me hungry but this scent was irresistible!

So I picked up some smelly goods in both of those scents.

Thursday I also printed off lots of wedding pics at Walgreens for my empty frames and picked up a gallon of paint for the spare bedroom that has transitioned to something different at least 3 times since we moved in 3 years ago. This time its going to be a his and hers office. This is an entirely different post that is yet to come but here are a couple shots of the walls before:

We ripped out the old radiator a few months ago and were left with a big white spot on the wall

Where Ben's desk used to be yep that's a Star Wars poster and a bunch of action figure type things on the shelves.

Ben's massive computer desk... why... I have no idea...

After....well in the midst:

The color is called : Glazed Pecan and I love it! We're coming along but aren't quite finished yet. I'm looking forward to this space finally becoming a complete room! I will write a post with pics when its all done!

After some painting I went and got a color update of my own:


Jen and I a couple of weekends ago at a bar out in her neck of the woods


I also tried out a scarf as an accessory. I likes it ... I felt spunky lol!


More cleaning and painting then I met my sister's at a place called Alladin's for lunch. When I got home Ben informed me that some new friends from his training class at work were coming down to head out to a bar for the night. So we got Emily and Will together with them and all went to a bar nearby. It was fun to meet some of the people that Ben has been working with - in the entire 6.5 years we've been together he's never hung out with people from work so I'm glad he's meeting people he can relate to at his new job.

Out on the town:

 Me and Emily
 Me and my Boo
 Me and Will
 Me and Ben's work friend Justin
 Just Me
 Emily and Will
 Ben's work friends Jamey and Abdu - not sure about this hand thing....
Kiss kiss!

Saturday was lazy, lazy all day- which was just what the dr. ordered!

Now we're almost half way through the week! Thank God!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far and btw loving the feedback on the Halloween costume! Keep guessing and I'll tell ya Friday!

Much Love Always!


californiadreamin said...

OOO Maple pancakes?! I am in love with fall candles and this one sounds heavenly!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't know there was a Maple Pancakes! I must get this, I bet it smells so great!