Sunday, June 6, 2010

Little Miss Bachlorette

(Moi and my 5 bridesmaids)

My bachelorette party was last night. It was fabulous - and also a mess. There were drinks, games, flair, glitter, tears, vomit, strip clubs, passing out, and a few hurt feelings. Essentially it was a typical night with a group of girlfriends together!

More pictures to come soon!


Lindsey said...

cute pics!

There's No Place Like Memphis Mama said...


Michelle said...

Damn girl!! My mouth dropped when I saw these pics. You look amazing!! I bet you feel great! Glad your bachlorette party was a night to remember!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

AHH!! The pictures are so cute. I'm a few days late in commenting because I have sucked at blogging lately. LOL.

Still, you looked super cute in your pink dress and I'm glad to hear you had fun!!

Officially Mrs. said...

you look PHENOMENAL! The dress is super sexy, plus you look like you are in great shape. You are going to be stunning in your wedding dress. Boo is a lucky man.

Ashley said...

Gatta love Bachelorette parties!!!! You look fabulous by the way. I was reading your profile and LOVED IT!!!! I can't wait to read more about yourself and the up coming wedding!

Something we have in common..I want to be the Duggar family yet also want to be the Kardashians.....ummm not sure how those go together LOL!