Monday, May 17, 2010

A Letter To My Readers, Followers, Lurkers, and Lovers

Dear Friends,

I miss you all dearly - I really do. Driving home the other day I was thinking about a multitude of things: wedding related, work related, Ben's "unemployment" related, and then somehow my thoughts landed on blogger- and how it has been quite some time since I have blogged or read any blogs- and how much I miss reading about Miss Dew's baby bump, and Bitch Cakes biking, and Real Fats weight loss, and Amber Tidd Murphy's TMI Thursdays. So I knew it was time to come back and at the very least write a little update- especially since I kind of left everyone with a cliff hanger about Ben's potential job a few weeks ago - so I guess I will start there.

Ben did not get the job he wanted and he was crushed. I'm talking tears and frustration and the whole nine yards. It was a pretty bleak couple of days.

Then- Ben got motivated. He applied EVERYWHERE and 5 days after he found out he didn't get that job- he was offered a different job. We were geeked...ARE geeked- only drawback is now that he has completed his initial paperwork they are saying it could be two weeks or better before someone gets back to him to get him started. At this point its been about a week since we have heard anything so we are starting to get nervous. Its a national company so its not like its fly-by-night or anything but it has a tendancy to make ya nervous when all of a sudden there is silence.

We remain optomistic. The job will pay a few bucks less than what he was previously making but we will get one of our utilities for free, Ben will get a company vehicle to use, and as much over time as he wants- so the perks actually make it so that it pays more. I choose not to go into any more details of the job its self for obvious reasons.


The wedding is coming along. I can't believe that we are less than 6 weeks out - there is so much to do- yet so much is coming together suddenly- its surreal. I'm really looking forward to it -yet I'm also looking forward to being able to look back at it and say- that was lovely- glad its over! There is so much that has happened in regards to the wedding since last we spoke I don't even know how to fill you in. The best I've got is fast forward mode: Invitations went out, first and second wedding showers were had, wedding bands are purchased and in the hand, pinwheels are 75% complete, Wedding dress went from being 2 (or more) sizes too small this time last year, to fitting just right, to now being too loose - I have had 4 fittings thus far - the dress remains at the seamstress for another few weeks so that we can do a final fitting - as I have apparantly become the incredible shrinking woman! Etc. etc. etc. I would love to say that I will jump back on the Wedding Wednesday posts but I have to be honest - I am just so busy right now that I can guarantee nothing! I of course have tons of shower pictures to show you all - its just a matter of finding the time (while at home) to upload the mess of photos!

Work life is fine. Assistant returns from maternity Wednesday - I can't believe its been 6 weeks already!

Weight loss is still going well. I am still losing and plan to write a post very soon with actual numbers and pictures and things. After almost 6 months of actively persuing weight loss I am very satisfied with the results and can honestly say I have made a change to my lifestyle. I truly get annoyed when people tell me that my "diet" is working. I am not on a diet. I am not hungry, I'm not irritable (no more than normal anyway) I am not counting down the days until I hit a "magic" number and I can "start eating however I chose again. This is why it is not diet and why I also know that the lbs that I've lost, will stay missing!

That being said; every routine needs to be shaken up after awhile. So this week marks the jump start of a lack luster past couple of weeks. Remember a few posts back how I mentioned that I had reached my initial goal and I wasn't sure where to go? Well I've set another goal....

To lose 2lbs a week from now until the wedding (my seamstress is screaming into her sewing machine right now! lol!). In order to do this I am once again being strict about journaling my foods (not counting calories - just keeping accountable) limiting my pre-packaged meal intake and diet soda consumption, and revamping my work outs. I will still use my dvds and weights but more often than not I am hitting the walking path at our local park. Its 1.7 miles around and I've been doing 2 laps on average when I go. I am alternating between a brisk walk and a jog. Another mini goal I have set for myself is to be able to jog 1 full lap in 6 weeks. I've NEVER been a runner (I think has to do with my ample chest- my girls are out of control) but I'm trying to break into it just for leisure- nothing serious. Guess I better get a better bra huh? Lol.

Ok ladies. I've enjoyed recounting the latest goings on in my world. I know that I'm detail shy but I've got to start somewhere! I really hope to begin utilizing scheduled posting soon- but as I keep saying- I make no promises!

Hope all is well with you all!


Miss Amber Lane


Rachel Ann said...

I found a secret for jogging and breasteses. I wear TWO sports bras. First I put on one that's the right size, and then I top it off with one that's one size too small. At that point, they are smooshed and squished and wont budge.

Michelle said...

I second Rachel! Two sports bras! Good job girl! Good to hear you are doing well and things are looking up with Bens job situation! Can't wait for your weight update! I need to re-amp too!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Aw, thanks for the missing me shout out. ;)

I can't believe that the wedding date is so close!! I remember those days of pre-ceremony excitement. It is nice to look back on it and say, "Wow. I pulled off one hell of a party!"

My biggest piece of advice is to spend the money on a videographer. Pictures are great, but my prized possession in LIFE is the dvd of my wedding and reception.

Glad to hear the updates on your future hubs' job stuff. I've missed reading about your life! Post again when you get a chance. :)