Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just 71 Short Days....

I know that you all are probably sick of my apologies for being a blogger absentee...but alas here I am once again with an apology for my lack of posts.

I really AM sorry....but I'm a working girl, planning a wedding, maintaining a job, shedding lbs, and trying to maintain some sort of a personal life- so as you might be able to notice- I'm a little stretched right now!

The good news though? I'm in very high spirits! Wedding plans are taking off and day by day I'm crossing things off my to-do list and entering them on my to-done list! I'm breezing through my assistant's maternity leave and am about to enter into week 3 sans assistant.

I'm working so hard at there not being a noticable difference without her that I'm actually

AHEAD of the things that need to be done and find myself with more time to sit and interact with the residents instead of hiding out behind a desk planning and creating calendars!

My new boss started about a months ago ............. the jury is still out.

That's all I'm going to say about that!

As for all the wedding things I've gotten done lately.... in fast forward: first dress fitting, second dress fitting (MY TOO SMALL DRESS IS TOO BIG NOW!) 1/2 ceremony decor, my jewlery has been purchased, my bridesmaids gifts have been ordered (minus a few small surprises I have in store for them) my veil is in process (my mom is hand making it) I bought all the mirrors for the center pieces, our photography contract has been signed and sealed ( finally!) our 90 day meeting is scheduled (even though it will take place a mere 50 days before the wedding) I found and bought my reception dress, I've scheduled all of my hair appointments for the next 2 months, the invites have been delivered for my bridal shower ( a week from Saturday!) Invitations have been printed and we now have them in our posession!

Whew! Still so much to do but getting so close I can taste it!

I am so excited for the shower next week- I bought a super cute new dress and everything! Also very much excited for my bestie Rachel to arrive from Louisiana 1 week from today for all the shower fun!

This wedding has finally crept up and I'm finally re-excited about all the kick-ass things to come!

I of course am also feeling pretty darn good about myself and all the physical changes I've made. Someone at work came up to me today and told me that I'm a shadow of my former self. That she literally saw me from the side and didn't recognize me at first! Score!

To be honest I've sort of hit a plataeu which is very frustrating considering how easily the first 30 came off - the last 5 of my goal are just hanging on for dear life though.

My weights are really odd. For example I got on the scale this morning and a number came up that would have me 1 lb BELOW my goal but after it flashed on the screen for a few moments - ERR came up and the number went away. So I got off- got back on and it had my weight like 2.2 lbs heavier, so I stepped off and tried again and only the heavier number would come up ) :

Maybe its time for a new scale huh?

That will also teach me to get on the scale twice in one day!

So I'm still working very hard at it and hoping that by the time my next girly time is finished (due to start any day now) that I will be at or below goal.

But like I said- I can't complain- I feel awesome!

Well- that's really all that's going on in Amber Lane world. I have really been lacking at keeping up with each of your posts and I would like to say that I will catch up soon but that probably won't happen until after the wedding- let me be honest. I catch little glimpses here and there - so I know a bit about what's going on in your lives! I promise- in three months I'll be back to normal!


Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane


Aishlea and Brandon said...

It's so close!!! :) Can't wait to hear all about your shower!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Congrats! I can't believe it is so soon. I remember counting down the days like it was yesterday. I can't wait to see all your pictures!