Friday, March 26, 2010

Rock Out!

Just over 4 lbs to go before I hit my goal!

So...... wierd. I've never set a weight loss goal for myself and realistically followed it through. I am so darn proud of myself its ridiculous.

And I gotta be honest- though I've never really suffered from low self esteem - I feel awesome! Awesome-er than usual.

I'm not shying away from full body shot photos, I find that I am super confident, and I gotta be honest its not been so bad for my budoir life either. It feels...I feel pretty f*n good.

Now the big question stands to be posed: how much do I want to lose in total?


The BMI charts tell me that I should weigh something like 118 - which is never gonna happen- I would be a twig if I weighed that and lets be honest- I like being a touch curvy. So I can't go off the BMI who-ha.

What I can go off of is how I feel and I know that I'm not going to be completely satisfied with 35 lbs lost. So at least as my preliminary thoughts on the matter is that my next goal will be 15 lbs- which will bring my to an even 50 lbs lost. Again, there will be no time frame to lose that I will force myself into I'll just keep making it a part of my life to eat healthy and exercise - I mean its worked this far!

But I'm not going to put the cart before the horse- I still have 4 lbs to lose before I hit my first goal - so be thinking of me- I plan to hit it BEFORE I say, "I Do"....

in 89 days!!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane


Aishlea and Brandon said...

That is so awesome!!! :)

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I know you can do it. I KNOW you can!!

I can't wait until your wedding... well, until after your wedding, when I get to see pictures. :)

Mrs. Dew said...

AWESOME!!!!! WAY to go!

Michelle said...

Wow that's so awesome girl! Congrats! I checked out my BMI after reading your post and it said I'd have to lose a total of 100 pounds all together to be "healthy". Holy crap! Umm.. that thing has to lie! Keep up the good work! I know once you start to see and feel the hard work paying off it's all worth it! You look great!!