Friday, March 5, 2010

Weighing In

Continuing to lose.

But getting a little frustrated.

I've lost almost 25 lbs and seem to be continuing to lose steadily and healthily yet I'm not noticing as much a difference as my numbers seem they would indicate.

My mom used to tell me 10 lbs is a clothing size. I've come to realize that is bull crap. I've had to retire a couple pairs of pants because they are now too big to continue covering my behind- but for the most part my clothes are just fitting better- not getting too big.

AND...there is this one pair of jeans from back when that refuse to fit comfortably - well to be honest they never fit comfortably even when I bought them back in 2006- but I weigh less now than I did then- seems like they should be buttoning with ease, but they're not. Frustrating.

I just keep telling myself to be happy with the results and to not get impatient.

I will not get impatient, I will not get impatient.

Looking forward to this weekend= specifically a night out with friends on Saturday!

Hope everyone has a great, relaxing, fun weekend!

Much Love Always,

Miss Amber Lane


Mrs. Dew said...

You go girl!!!! That's great!

Christy said...

Oh, I agree!! It definitely takes more than 10 lbs to go down a size for me!