Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Double Edged Sword

On the best days coming in to work is like coming home to your grandparents house. The residents are happy to see you, hugs & kisses abound, compliments are thrown like beads at Mardi Gras, and everyone is pulling candy from pockets to begift you.

On the worst days co-workers are catty, no one is happy, and everyone is in your business that doesn't belong there.

Seems as though if I didn't have co-workers I would have the perfect job huh?

So maybe I should start thinking seriously about becoming an Executive Director someday- I mean like Elle Woods said; "If you can't make the fabric work for you, change it".

Of course I don't think that moving to the top level will immediately cease cattiness and jealousy but I am a firm believer in becoming the change that you want to see in the world and maybe that will be my calling.

Or maybe not. I'm not ready for that step now and it will be a long road not just a step up - it would take many, many steps and probably a cease to the blogging at work..... but as a thought maybe someday when I'm a grown up that's what I'll do.

Anyhow first day back to work after 5 days off has been 50-50 but I'm hoping to shift into gear here soon and make it a great day, not just an ok day.

So on that note.....

Later Gators!

Miss Amber Lane

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