Friday, June 19, 2009


While peruising my calendar I realized that my three days off for fourth of july come just two work days before another day off.....

So I decide.....sweet I'll take two vacation days and score a 6 day vacation for only 2 days of vacation time.

Before submitting my vacay days to my boss I checked my Activities Calendar and just realized that, of course- on one of those two days I have planned a big dance for my residents.


Vacation Dreams Obliterated.

For now anyway - its coming though - mark my words.

In other news... A local radio station is giving away front row tickets to the NKTOB concert which I had hoped to win...

That is until they released the rules of the SUPER FAN SCAVENGER HUNT

They've posted a list of 50 vintage NKTOB items that must be presented during business hours between Mon and Wed of next week. Including bed sheets, lunchbox, all five dolls, posters, buttons, stickers, jackets, video tapes, etc.

The only thing I have left of my new kids hysteria is a couple of trading cards, tapes, and a recording of me at age 7 singing their songs. I checked ebay for many of the items- and sure they're posted but I would probably end up spending twice as much as a I would on a two-pack of mediocre tickets and still wouldn't be assured that I would receive the items in time - mof I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.

Not that I can even find anyone to go with me at this juncture anyhow. How sad would it be if I went alone......

Pretty pitiful huh?

Also ---

Ohio weather is sucking right now. It has rained everyday and when its not raining the air just hangs like a wet blanket. Its going to be 93 degrees outside today.

But at least its Friday.


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