Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Far This Weekend Has Been...

So good!

Friday I got home from work at 6pm on the dot and Boo was waiting for me eagerly because I agreed  earlier that we could go to Verizon to switch our plan from Sprint and get new phones. 
Boo's contract is up this month and we agreed that eventually one of us would have to buy out of our Sprint if we ever wanted to get on a family plan with another company so yay... that gets to be me! But really there is no love lost - my new phone is, in a word- Sweet.

It took me about 15 minutes in the store to decide between the Curve and the Storm but I chose and I'm so glad I did : I went with the Storm and it is FABULOUS!

Mine of course has the pink hard case around it a: because I like pink and b: because Boo got the same phone and we need to be able to tell them apart of course! 

Afterwards we frollicked over to TGI Fridays and got yummy green bean fries (and dinner) then went home and played with our new toys- and they are toys- fabulously, functional, high tech toys. 

Saturday: I rose early and bathingsuitified and headed over to my sisters where I lounged on a raft and floated about in her wonerful pool. I even had lunch while dangling from the edge. It was great. Around 5:30 we all went to my other sister's house for dinner and family game night. 

I stomped them all in Dominos by over 100 points and then pretty much cleaned everyones clock in Shout About Movies too - what can I say when it comes to family game nights- I bring it. 

Today the plan so far is to head out with Jen to her brother's pool (I'm a summer pool hopper what can I say) and lounge there for a few hours- I'm just waiting on her to call. In the meantime I may run out and clean my car out- there is still much debris from our trip to Cumberland last weekend. 

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend! 

See You Soon!

P.S. I'm coming up on my 100th post and I know the "tradition" is to have a give-away:  I'm looking into it- I'm just a bit disenchanted with them right now- I won a giveaway several months ago and the owner of the blog failed to deliver- although to her credit she recently sent an email claiming she hadn't forgotten she just was busy. I don't want to do that to ya'll so I want to  be super sure I can follow through and that there are AT LEAST a handful of people who would enter to actually make it a contest and not just me sending a gift to Shawdee my only irl friend who reads. Anyway I digress, stay tuned is all I'm trying to say! 

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