Monday, June 24, 2013

Summertime Weekend

It's officially summertime ya'll!

My very favorite time of year!

I love the heat, I love the sunshine, I love the extra time outside...

I love the over-all more relaxed pace....

I love corn on the cob, fat, juicy tomatoes, and grilling out ...

I love sun-kissed, tan skin ....

I love that my birthday is in August and I don't even mind that this year
I'm turning twenty-nine fine.

I look damn good for pushing 30 ...


gratuitous sunglass pic before our open jam last Wednesday

I also love that because I'm a part of The Rockstar's life and the his girl's lives that I get to see summertime through the eyes of children again. Usually when I go to the pool solo its loung time, listening to music and reading with occasional dip to cool off. With the girls its Marco Polo, and diving contests, and hand stands...
the activity wears me out by the end of our pool time but its also cathartic in a way and so refreshing!

Ok on to my weekend!

This weekend was busy but awesome.

Friday night we played a benefit with some friends of ours. It was for victims of a fire in a local apartment complex. Turns out it was like the 4th benefit for this family and they didn't even bother to show up or acknowledge the organizers after the initial arrangements. Rumor has it they are milking this for all its worth. Rumor also has it that the organizers have since re-directed the funds to Oklahoma tornado relief instead.

We left the benefit at around 10:30 and drove across town to see my cousin sing with her band Hollywood Tragedy which was amazing. We stayed long enough to hear one set and fill our bellies with oh-so-yummy but oh-so-bad-for-us fried mushrooms and jalepeno poppers then we drove back towards home and stopped by our local bar to see The Rockstar's cousin dj.

The next morning we had to be up bright and early to play a couple of hours at a local farmers market. We were afraid it would be too darn hot but it was warm and breezy and actually very comfortable.

Double Tap rocking the court house steps!
Since it was so close to my mom's and the senior community where I used to work, I had mom pick-up my favorite little lady Wilma and bring her to hear us play.

Ma Mere, Moi, and my bff/surrogate grandma Wilma
We partook in some serious r&r after our show. The Rockstar enjoyed comfy pants and the ac while I bikinied up and parked in the backyard to catch some rays.

We ate big summer salads for lunch and then got ready to go hear another friend play (singing, acoustic, keyboard) on the patio of another local bar/restraunt.
He asked us to play a couple songs so of course we happily obliged!

Our friend Danielle met us there and we drove across town for a joint b-day bash for our friends Dawn and Amanda. Our friends in Caffeine provided the party music!

Me, Danielle, and Dawn

I ran into my old friend, "The Most Interesting Man on Earth" and offered him a little love which he was glad to accept.

we go way back

Sunday I worked until 4:30 then The Rockstar and I spent some time with our friend Junior at his house and then hit up karaoke night. We ended the night with an hour or so of practice and a good night's sleep.

I shot this picture before we headed to Juniors - if I wasn't so attached to the length of my hair I would totally chop it to the length that it looks like it is in this picture.... but I would miss my hair too darn much!

My new work schedule started today meaning I didn't have to come in until 11am which so far has been wonderful, I am so much better rested and amicable. Waking up at 6am for this job was killing me. Its not the type of work I can do that early. Once I'm back in a career position I'm sure I'll have no trouble adapting back but for now I'm so happy to be working 11-7:30!

One week from today will be my last day of work for 9 days. 9 blissful days off ...happy sigh. We may be headed to North Carolina for the better part of the week, or we may just stay in town and find fun things to do - including celebrating his 38th birthday!

This week is looking like it will for the most part be pretty chill. The only gig we have is our weekly acoustic jam on Wednesday. We have the girls this weekend so I'm forcasting movies, pool time, and a cook out Sunday with Junior and his daughter.

Did I mention how much I love summertime?


Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You look fabulous girl! I just died laughing though about that stand up.

saucyminx410 said...

Long story but once upon a time my bff encountered one of those stand ups in a large bar bathroom stall and it startled her so much in her drunken state that she literally turned it sideways and broke it over her knee so many times that she could actually fit it in the trash can ...the bar people were PISSED so now everytime I see one I take a pic and send it to her!