Friday, May 10, 2013

Dafuq Happened to Blogger?!?!

What happened to blogger while my life was in its deep black hole?

When I left all of ya'll were just normal bloggers, blogging about erryday life (and yes I meant erryday).
Some updated daily and had beaucoup followers. Some had rockstar giveaways - I even won a couple of them but then I took my blogging hiatus and all of my favorite, normal bloggers blew up to celebrity blogging proportions. I'm amazed!

Thousands of followers, sponsors, pictures of every stinking thing they do in their lives minus their
bowel movements.... no, pretty sure I've seen some commode pics too. Its kind of cool and I'm super intrigued but damn I feel like small potatoes. Which of course I am, and am totally cool with that but I'm stunned that I can't even seem to find blogs as small as mine anymore - and everyone has fancy pants layouts with about me tabs and sponsor tabs and I'm all - "When did Amber Lane get pigeon holed in the slow group?" lol. This all in good fun for real but I am totally out of my little blonde league here.

Oh and weight loss....every blog is about weigh loss! Don't get me wrong I love em' - as you know (if you actually read this small potato blog) I lost 60+ lbs myself a few years ago- but not only is everyone losing weight they are becoming like buff, super muscular, bad ass chicks - to which I say kuddos!

But seriously...where are my other small town peeps? Where are my other "single" gals in their late 20s. Where are my other childless sistahs? And when did blogger get so schmancy pants?

Is there a class I'm supposed to take and missed?



Happy Friday Ya'll - The Rockstar and I have two shows this weekend tonight and tomorrow (then I'm going to need to be on vocal rest for days...well a couple because we're right back to it on Wednesday then again on Sunday - we are rocking it!)

Have a great weekend!

Much Love Always!

Amber Lane

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Don't worry some of us normal bloggers are still out there. I'm single and in my late 20's so you aren't alone!