Friday, April 1, 2011

Shelby Love

Well it happened, Tuesday night my BFF called me to let me know Wednesday morning (her actual due-date) at 6am she was having labor induced!

I couldn't get out of work until about 2:30 but when I did I high-tailed it to the hospital to find the mommy-to-be only 4 cm after HOURS of labor! Luckily she had an epidural and was pretty cozy by the time I got there! 
Megan and our friend Ashley 

At 9pm when Megan still hadn't progressed more than 4cm and had been in labor for 15 hours already they made the tough decision to go cesarean. 

Going to meet Shelby!

We were all shuffled out to the waiting room to wait for about 45 minutes before Kenny; the proud daddy rushed into the waiting room to confirm what we already knew...


(she's got her mama's nose and cheeks!)

Shelby Diane
March 30, 2011
7.15 lbs, 21 inches long 

Mommy and Baby were both great - although we did find out the cord was around Shelby's neck so its a good thing they went C-section before she got too stressed out! 

We each got to spend a few moments one on one while they were in recovery but they needed their rest so no one stayed long.

Ben and I went back today and hung out at the hospital for a few hours.

Big Baby Feet!

Hanging with her Auntie Am for the first time
Clearly she was thrilled-look at that yawn!

Not quite a natural but we'll get him there someday!

Showing Little Miss Shelby how to take the one armed angle down pictures and look good-but all she had to do was lie there- the camera loved her!

I just want to squeeze that little face!!!

May not be ready for my own yet, but I'm sure thrilled to meet this little girl! I of course have friends that have children but this girl has been my closest friend since I was 6 years old....more like family than friends really and I'm so excited to watch her take on her new role as a mother and to be a part of Shelby's life as she grows up - I'm just about as proud as I can be! 

So this has been my contribution to all the baby posts that have been springing up lately - and until I have my own ( and lets be honest - probably even after) you're going to be seeing a lot more of this little baby face! 

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Congrats to mom and dad! :)

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