Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010: A Year In Review

Hey Everyone!

As I revamp for 2011 I thought we would stroll back over 2010 to refresh everyone as to what this year was all about for me!


This post is picture heavy!!! Since my busy year has left my blogging sporadic at best I thought I would hit you with some of the wedding-related pics I skimped on before.... Enjoy!


NYE 2009
Realized that we were only 6 months out from our June 25th wedding and snapped into high-gear in regards to making those plans and putting together DIY projects.

Created a list of 2010 goals: Including the one where I decided I was going to start journaling my food and also cut out most complex carbs and full fat dairy. I also decided to start following some Weight Watchers guidelines from home and see where that got me.

Spent the night at work one night due to snow:

We paid off my car a year early and opened our joint checking account!


Turns out that goal got me pretty far - by mid February I had lost 18 lbs! A spark was ignited and I stuck with my new eating habits and began adding in lots of cardio and walks and eventually some sow paced runs!

Ben and I celebrated our 6 year dating anniversary and 1 year engagement anniversary. We also hit Ben's 1 year of being laid off - with still no job on the horizon ) :


My work life went crazy-go-nuts when my boss announced she was leaving and my assistant went out on maternity leave at approximately the same time.

I was really beginning to stress about wedding things, with just 3 months left until the big show!

Weight loss was continuing steadily and I was beginning to see the difference in pictures and the way my clothes fit:I posted my very first before and after pictures on this post.

My friend Lindsey tied the knot!


I began dress fittings and the wedding gown that I bought two sizes too small was now too big! Thus began a series of dress fittings that lasted up until the week of the wedding as my dress kept needing to be taken in - I was so proud!

I hit my initial goal of 35 lbs lost in just 4 short months and set another 15 lb goal for my self to hit.

Ben was up for a new job at his old company and we were really excited about it - he did not get the job but a fire was lit in him and within a week of his rejection he had lined up a position with a new company!!! We went out for Mexican with his family to celebrate!

My sisters threw my first wedding shower!

Over- all was beginning to feel pretty sassy as I lost the weight!


Wedding planning craziness: invitations went out, diy project nights with sisters and bridesmaids were a regular occurring event, wedding bands were purchased, our couples shower was had. It was a wedding crazy time!

That was about it for May!


The month of the wedding!!!

The planning and prepping continued!

I had my crazy night of bachelorette fun in downtown Cincinnati!

Ben was a holy terror from quitting smoking- he eventually picked it back up again ) :

Ben started his new job - 2 weeks from the wedding- cancelling any honeymoon plans that we had. I resolved to take time off anyway- I needed it!

We had our do-over engagement pictures taken 6 days before the wedding..we loved them!

June 24, 2010: Rehearsal Day. My bridesmaids and I had lunch at Panera then we had our nails done before heading to our venue to put all my DIY projects to  action finally! I was very proud with how it all turned out!

After we had dinner at a local pizza parlor and I went to sleep for the last time as a single girl!

June 25, 2010 We became Mr, & Mrs. Ben Smith!!!!
The weather was beautiful- sky blue, and dotted with puffy white clouds. The humidity was low even though it was seasonably warm.

The day started off with a light breakfast with my sisters as the bridesmaids arrived (my sisters and I spent the night together at one of their homes). Then we caravaned to the hair salon and the day took off from there! I think everything went together beautifully and it was a great day:

I will probably always remember the very most from that day: our cake cutting/smashing. Ben took off an eyelash strip from me and one whole side of my face needed to be touched up and Ben inhaled cake and spent 5 minutes choking it back in a private room - while I cried thinking he was going to die. We have pictures of the smashing framed at our house!

It all got cleaned up however, and we went on to enjoy our reception: 

Ben went back to work Monday following our wedding and I vacationed into


Emily got arrested for Public Intoxication at a lake pretty near to us while I was on my honeymoon - nightmare!

Ben and I spent one night away from home being on a honeymoon- it was nice- but way to short!

We camped and kayaked with friends.

Found out my bff was pregnant!

We also realized that though  we had already been together 6 years and lived together for 3 - marriage was going to take some adjustment!


Started fielding the "so when are you going to have a baby" questions

Celebrated my 26th birthday at a co-ed strip club

Got low-lights

Ben and I realized how much our wedding actually cost us and started a plan to recover from it (still on the road to recovery btw)

Posted more before and after pics here.


Flew by myself for the first time ever to Baton Rouge for my friend Rachel's bachlorette party weekend!

Traveled to New Orleans for the party and had a blast!


Back to Baton Rouge - driving this time with my mom for the wedding. Visited Houmas plantation house and back to New Orleans again. Was a smashing bridesmaid for my girl who made a lovely bride!

Got my Droid Incredible - which I still love!

Was Medusa for Halloween

Found out my property at work was being sold to another company- sparking a transition - I prepared for the change until I got a call from the woman with the same job as me at a property that was not being sold - giving me a heads up that she was leaving her position. I interviewed and in....


I was offered the job that was much closer to home and family and I accepted. Just like that I was giving my 2 week notice and I was out of there by the 17th.

On the 18th I started at the new location.

My bro-in-law had his hunting accident- scaring us all - but he has since made a complete recovery

Had a quiet Thanksgiving.

Then a Saturday night out to celebrate Emily's 28th birthday.


Quickly moved into the busiest time of the year for an Activity professional and being in a new building made it that much more hectic!

Dreaded working Christmas day for the 3rd year in a row but made the best of it.

Found out that my new property is being sold- meaning I'm about to go through ANOTHER transition.

Had a mostly quiet Christmas due to the in-laws being in NYC and my having to work Christmas day and the day after.

Spent Christmas Eve just Ben and Me opening presents and enjoying our first married Christmas:

Main Christmas Tree

Our First Christmas, Christmas ornament 

Presents from Ben 

Our bedroom Christmas Decor

Christmas day was work for me so the evening was spent with my family:

Rang in the New Year with husband and a few friends at a local bar.

Oh and did I mention that on New Years Day I weighed in at my lowest weight yet???

Remember the NYE 2009 Pic from the beginning of this post???

Let me refresh you:

picture of a picture...sorry!

             * BAM! 2010! *

 Bringing me to 60 lbs lost in 2010!!!! My whole lifestyle changed in just 1 short year- but I'll get into that more later! Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane!

And hope everyone's 2011 has started out awesome!

Much Love Always,

Miss Amber Lane


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

You had a FANTASTIC year!!! Loved all your pictures!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Girl look how SKINNY you are! Wow, you look amazing :) Your wedding was soooo fabulous, you looked amazing! You have had a full and wonderful year, hopefully 2011 is even better :)

ps my hubs was laid off {like the whole company went under} 2 days before my wedding! talk about stress!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like you had an amazing year! Congrats on the weight loss, that is awesome!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I love picture-heavy posts... especially from you! I can NOT believe the difference in your two NYE pics. WOW. I mean, I would have loved you either way, but... you look fantastic. PLEASE post details about your lifestyle change -- I need to do the same thing you did and drop the baby weight this year -- I need to lose 40 more pounds to be at my pre-preggers weight. (I'd rather lose 50 pounds, though!)

Also, I remember the huge engagement photo fiasco, and I'm SO glad you guys got them remade because they turned out SO good. AND your wedding photos are STUNNING!

What a great year! I'm so glad I got to be a part of such an exciting time in your life as a blog follower!

Christy said...

CONGRATS on the weight loss, you look fanastic!
Loved all the pictures. Your wedding ones are especially gorgeous.