Monday, August 23, 2010


So clearly, I was in a major, major funk on Friday.

It's ok, it happens.

The good news is that things are in repair and Ben and I are recovering nicely. No more secrets - just working together for a common purpose. We had it out Friday night and are now moving on.

More good news- my revelation to the blogging masses ( I say that tongue in cheek because very few actually read this blog regularly- and if you do- thankyou!) has renewed my interest in writing regularaly.
I don't think that I try to pretend that I'm someone that I'm not while I write - but sometimes in the midst of all the "perfect" blogs where everyone has the best weekend ever, with the best husband ever, wearing the best dress ever - I kind of get a little bogged down - like I can't really share myself honestly because my life is so - well - normal - compared to the lives that so many bloggers share. That's not to say that I don't think that they have their own share of issues- I'm sure that they do - its just hard sometimes to air my dirty laundry when it seems I'm the only one who has any. ( ;

So, I'm out of my funk and pressing forward.

You may also notice that I gave A Blonde Bride & Her Boo a little face lift today and purposefully themed it around our wedding. It truly was a beautiful day and I am so happy to be married to my best friend- even if it sounded like I was completely ready to throw in the towel on Friday. So I dedicated my look to my husband and our brand new marriage. I can't pretend like the start of our marriage hasn't been way more difficult than I ever imagined- but this is only the beginning for us- God willing we have decades left to go together!

Thanks to those who commented on Friday its nice to feel supported.

As I mentioned, I feel truly refreshed and am looking forward to writing here again more. I do want to share some pictures and stories of the wedding-the ones that I have yet to tell -so expect that to come- but also expect for my story to move forward- looking back is nice but I'm ready for what's next, and believe it or not - I'm ready for fall!

I love summer but when the days start to get shorter and there's the hint of a crispness to the air (swear on my life its almost chilly today- even in late August!) and you start to see the fall decor and the giant fashion tomes such as the fall InStyle and Vogue- I start itching for everything that is fall! Could it please just be summer or fall all year long?

Well I've taken a small time out from work to stop by for an update but now I've got to return to my job and finish the evening's activities. Hope you all have had a happy Monday- I can't complain about mine too much - and it was definitely better than my Friday!

Much Love Always

Miss Amber Lane


Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I LOVE the new blog look! Sort of makes me want to do a wedding background, too... le sigh.

Well, I missed your post on Friday (I'm waay behind!) so I am going to go back and read it now to see what in the world happened.

Mostly, I'm just glad everything is okay now.

Officially Mrs. said...

Love the new look of the blog and I am so glad you are back! I have loved reading your blog for the last year. I understand what you mean by the "perfect" bloggers. I catch myself reading blogs and thinking, why don't I have a better this or a better that and I have to make myself stop and slap my own hand! It's easy to get caught up, and I do have to remind myself that I love my life - warts and all.

Even after dating for 6 years and living together for 4, the first few months of marriage were trying for T and I. It's not easy, even though we thought we had all the wrinkles ironed out before. Sometimes marriage is like trying to fit a square into a circle. Sometime it takes a blow up to get everything out and get back on the same page.