Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's Been Goin' On

This weekend went by in a blur of not much.

Friday night - well honestly I can't remember what we did Friday night. Hmph.

Moving on...

Saturday morning: Woke up bright and early to discover one of our cats knocked my prescrip. acne meds in the toilet while the lid was cockeyed thus ruining the whole thing (almost full) so on my way to my 9am hair apt. I stopped by Walgreens for a re-fill only to discover the pharmacy isn't open yet. Fail. So I swing by Starbucks and cruise over to my hair salon, check in with the receptionist only to discover that whomever took my apointment down over the phone scheduled me for A WEEK FROM SATURDAY instead of that Saturday. I almost cried. My roots were heinous and I knew that I wouldn't be able to make it next Sat. because I'm MOD. Luckily I got in with another hair stylist who is almost as cute as my regular and she did a fantastic job. Not only that but I got to have my waxings done in the spa (as opposed to over the shampoo bowl) because this stylist doesn't do waxings (my reg. does) so that was a life-changing experience- I am so always going to book my facial waxings with an aestitician instead of my stylist from now on. Ok and I'm not going to lie- the very best part of my hair appointment fiasco Because it was the salon manager who f*ed up my appointment- I got EVERYTHING gratis. That's right- fo free. Be jealous.

After the hair apt. took longer than originally expected Boo and I missed our invitation appointment and had to reschedule so we cruised the mall and then had lunch at Chilis. Know how hard it is to find something healthy/want something healthy at Chilis? Hard. But I succeeded and that was a major challenge. While at Chilis Ben and I struggled to come up with some spectacular Valentines date- but we came up empty handed and/or lazy and just went home for awhile. Then it was groceries, subway, and Up (which made me ball like a baby) followed by bed.

Suday: We didn't plan on exchanging gifts or flowers or having a date for Valentines Day because of the expenses of the wedding so we just spent Sunday together shopping for some wedding related items and doing some trial and errors with centerpieces.

A few pictures from Sunday:

Boo and I on Valentines Day (Ben found a vintage Bengals sweater and much to my dismay has been wearing it out in public)

(Pay not attention to my half up, half down collar...I really have no idea)
We Love each other!

Me and my other Valentine:

My Princess Kitty: Izzy and me.

Ok... so the pinwheels I've been talking about....

I know its kind of hard to envision but Ben and I are planning a very colorful, summer, garden party inspired wedding. For ceremony flowers we are planting our own flower boxes full of pink annuals, for escort cards we're hanging a clothes line and using pink clothes pins, for centerpieces we're using pinwheels. Hand made pinwheels. I kid you not....

The first trial of our pinwheel centerpieces:

Ok keep in mind a few things. The mirror we use will not have any tacky edging I just had this one lying around for repurposing. The vase will be filled to the top (ot just the ribbo) with pink gumballs, and the Vera Bradley tag you see will be an actual table number that coordinates with the ribbon around the base.

So far so good. I made those pinwheels all by my lonesome and they are so easy to do! I'm really excited about all our whimsical ideas! The pinwheels will factor in elsewhere too- but for now this is the only tangible thing I can show you!

What do you think?

The weekend ended with Ben and I watching HBO's new series How To Make It In America- a show that my future brother in law is a set designer for! If you have HBO tune in next Sunday at 10pm and help make "his show" a success.

The early part of this week has kept me busy by dumping loads and loads of snow on my life. South Western Ohio received 21 inches of snow in just over a week! We broke the record for February snowfall set in 1914....and I AM OVER IT!

Here is a picture of me that Ben took when we were outside shoveling/playing yesterday evening after Ben drove me and picked me up from work (unfortunately with my job I HAVE to be there no matter what- so nearly two feet of snow and no snow day for me)

Oh Well! You may notice that I'm all bundled up yet my belly is creeping out from under my coat- that's cause my pants are too big and falling down! Hooray Me! Also today I wore a pair of pants to work that haven't buttoned since 2008 and haven't buttoned comfortably since 2006.

I officially rock!

That is all. I have an early work day tomorrow so I'm off to night night (yes, before 10pm and I love it!)


Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane


Annie said...

that was quite the post ;)
lots has been going on!
love all the pictures! your hair turned out fab! love the color!
how awesome that you got everything for free! lucky lady!
love the center pieces, they are so fun and unique!
i'm hand making a few things for our reception as well! it's so much fun planning and figuring stuff out!
enjoy the rest of your week pretty girl!!

Officially Mrs. said...

Soooo jealous about the free hair appointment - You lucky girl!

I love the centerpieces. It's so cute and creative. My favorite part is filling the vases with gumballs! I can't wait to see your wedding posts.