Friday, January 22, 2010

Live From My Bed....

A blog.

It won't be anything much or fancy-like. There's really nothing new under the moon - wedding plans mostly but I have a strict, "No Wedding Plans Before Bed" policy that came into effect after a couple of nights where I tossed and turned in bed for hours pondering different details until the wee hours - so I won't be elaborating on any of the plans at 11:30 in the pm tonight.

Its really not pretty. I get all stressedified and that's not good for anyone.

Honestly, these past couple of weeks very little of any interest has transpired.

Here are the highlights:

  • Slept at work over night during an especially snowy evening
  • Nixed our wedding florist all together when I had a major ambitious spurt one day
  • Had one drunkity night with Emily and Boo that resulted in lots o' karaoke
  • Had a dinner and shopping day with Ma Mere
  • Got new tires on my car
  • Implemented a skin care regimen to try to nip moderate outbreaks in the bud- its starting to work my skin is all glowy tonight!
  • Did I mention I'm really watching what I eat right now and writing down everything that goes into my mouth? I have no real weight loss goal at present- I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself- and ok fine look damn hot too
  • Got the fo sho ok that I will be able to hire a temp assistant during my assistant's maternity leave (insert sigh of relief here)
  • Picked out tuxes for wedding
  • Created a DIY centerpiece
  • Voiced preferance for rehearsal dinner (twilight picnic with comfort foods anyone?)
  • Met with wedding coordinator
  • Held final meetings with potential photographers...choosing ASAP
  • Stopped talking about wedding because its TOO CLOSE TO BED TIME!!!!
  • Learned that the 2% raise cap from last year is no longer a go in my company so we'll actually earn the raises that we deserve in 2010
  • My arch nemises at work has been removed from our company (guess she was nemises for a reason huh?)
  • Spending a night away from home next week for business- will be first time solo in a hotel
That's really all I've got.

I've been keeping up with you, so I'm not too far out of the loop.

Its my goal for next week to come back on a regular basis- here's hoping.

Well I'm on this weekend as Manager on Duty so I better turn the lap top off and actually catch so zzzzzzzzz's.

I hope the rest of you are off this weekend and have a fab one!

Much Love Always,

Miss Amber Lane


Juliana said...

A~So I love your blog and I have been reading, but I just came across you on 2O something and the whole conducting business in a bubble bath was probably the best line I have ever heard and I am sooooo going to use it someday. Dont worry I will be sure to credit you ha ha

Annie said...

i have wedding/reception anxiety issues at bedtime as well....ahhh!!!
i hope you have a great week hun! :)