Friday, October 9, 2009


Does blogger ever F with anyone else?

I mean I am deep in blog catch up mode (yes on a Friday night- you can call me lame ass if you want but I'm happy as a clam!) when I click on the next subscription I want to read and it starts taking too long to load and the next thing you know I get an error message! This happens often too and it bums me out! How am I ever going to catch up like this?!?!!

I vow never to get this stinkin' behind again- so help me!

Tonight has been wonderful PS....catching up with recorded TV, catching up with blogger, dinner and a back massage with Boo, and the realization that when I go to bed tonight I need not set any clock because I have no plans tomorrow!

Of course Ma Mere does want me to go to some garlic festival with her an hour away tomorrow but I think I made it pretty darn clear that I'm not digging it!

Anyhow, tomorrow day I'm planning to stay pretty low key then tomorrow night its an excursion for Jen's bday (although to be quite honest I'm planning to make a cameo, have a beverage and be on my way).

Sunday its the Bengals vs. Ravens for 1st place in the AFC North!

I plan to post for todays Kelly's Korner Sunday evening (I didn't plan ahead well)

I'm also planning a post on my latest beauty booty ( super cheap from Walgreens PS!)

But for now....

I am planning night night time (Yes, at 10:30 on a with it)

Sleep tight ladies (and gents if there are any)

Miss Amber Lane


damonica said...
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damonica said...
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The Un-Bride said...

I completely understand how you feel! I have been so overloaded lately. Hope you had a restful weekend.